January State of the Union

What a difference a break can make, I was looking back at December’s SOTU and I can feel how exhausted I was in my writing. And now after nearly 3 weeks off work and at home/in the city, one full week off the blog, and approaching 4 weeks without work travel I feel so much better. I just feel so refreshed. And whenever I think about how lucky I am to be able to do that, I’m nearly in disbelief. I have been working for so many years and never been able to take time off like that before. I also got to spend so much time with friends for the first time since pre-pandemic, pre-move. I saw a couple of them a couple times before I moved, but it wasn’t the same during the pandemic. And then I move like 1500 kilometres away and obviously regular hang outs weren’t an option. So I am just feeling so good, so armed for the rest of winter and I just can’t believe what a difference a year can make from this time last January.

I am dead that in December’s In//Out List I put tracking everything in the outs, but I have since created the ultimate tracking spreadsheet for everything from habits to budget, to media, to shopping lists, etc. It’s honestly a bit unhinged. But it literally made me laugh out loud.

Some of the things are a bit weird, because they really only applied to my life the first week in January when I was in the city, but I enjoyed them so much and I am still so riding the high of them that I couldn’t not include them in the list.

Photos on the fridge is kind of a future one, -ish, but I have a bunch of wedding invitations and save the dates on the front of my fridge at the moment and I am loving it. One of the sides of my fridge is exposed to my hallways and I think I want to print pictures (or maybe get a polaroid?) and put photos of my friends and family all over the side, and leave blank spots for new photos.

From the outs, chores on weekends. I don’t know if this is truly possible, but I am so tired of spending all weekend cleaning, meal planning and prepping, grocery shopping and that’s basically it. Even if I don’t have social plans, I want more time for crafting, this, going for walks, and just generally having more free time. Which lines up with one of my words for the year, freedom. People don’t really stuff on weeknights here so I feel like I should be able to move stuff around to have the weekends more free. I don’t know, I need to figure this out a bit more, but I just want to be more free for whatever on the weekends.

January Bucket List

  • Go Ice Skating (maybe outdoors – although it hasn’t been that cold, so the ice may not be hard enough)
  • Hot Pilates classes while in the city (check)
  • See all my besties (check)
  • Host a board game night

January To-Dos

Once again, I am pretty impressed with how I did with my December to-dos, I obviously did my Christmas shopping and work travel. But despite only being home six days out of the whole month I did clean out the spare room (I got rid of so many HelloFresh boxes) and the laundry/utilities cupboard. That was disgusting, but it is so much more accessible and easy to use now.

  • Take down Christmas Decorations (check)
  • Clean out pantry cupboard
  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean, polish, and protect shoes worn in Toronto
  • Go through paperwork binder
  • Clean out desk and list desk, chair, and lamp on FBMP (although I am thinking about getting back into scrapbooking, so I’m not so sure about this anymore)
  • Wash makeup brushes
  • Figure out solution to book storage/room divider situation

Most of these are self-explanatory, but the last one requires some context. I have a white couch and the only layout that works in the main room of my apartment has my couch about a foot away from my stove and oven. Which is just asking for food stains. I also like creating a bit of separation between my living room and kitchen rather than it just being one big room. I did have my bookcase there, but it was super precarious and if I had anyone over and they sat at that end of the couch they knocked it and books would go flying and it was scary for everyone. So when I put up my Christmas tree I moved the bookshelf into this weird nook in my apartment where I had my shoe storage cabinet thing and put the shoe cabinet thing in my bedroom. And I really like those two items where there are now, so I need some new thing for between my stove and my couch. Pictures for context:

You can’t really see the nook, but you can see one of my couch cushions and a bit of my stove through my bookshelves in the photo on the right.

What I’m Watching

  • Jack Ryan – Amazon Prime
  • Jack Reacher – Amazon Prime (Jack Ryan is significantly better TV, but this is nice and mindless for background noise)
  • The Pale Blue Eye – Netflix (this was mostly weird and then depressing)
  • YouTube – I’ve mostly been watching YouTube since I got back, TV hasn’t been super intriguing to me so far in 2023

What I’m Reading

  • Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy
  • The Villa by Rachel Hawkins
  • The Cloisters by Katy Hays (haven’t read yet, but very excited about)

What I’m Listening To

I’m kind of excited to do a full year of these playlists, Spotify Wrapped is super interesting because it’s what you listened to most. But sometimes I find a song and am obsessed with it for like 3 days, and so it doesn’t make it into Spotify Wrapped, but it would be nice to get reminded of those random moments throughout the year.


I hope you are thriving this January and that you are having a great month!


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