Friday Favorites: 01/14/22

It definitely took me a while to get back into the swing of real life after the holidays, but I finally feel like I’m back. Just in time for the weekend, but you know we take what we can get. I’m actually quite pleased this week, one of the vaccine clinics I helped with organizing this week had a really great turn-out and it was in a very vaccine-hesitant community, so I’m thrilled with that. Also, today is pay day and it has been a lean week, so I’m very excited to go grocery shopping tonight.

Social Media Favorite:

I’m updating this one to reflect the way that TikTok has infiltrated my social media use habits. It is now the app that most of my screen time comes from. The reason I haven’t included it before is because I only really scroll through the for you page, I don’t really follow anyone or scroll on my follows page ever, so it’s hard to have a favorite creator then. However:


So Rebecca is a lawyer, and she started going viral on TikTok with her hilarious and brutal readings of some of the hilarious things that get recorded in court transcripts. She also has this pair of gas station sunglasses that she uses as a prop in these, upside down for stupidity, lifting and lowering them for *dramatic effect*. And it’s amazing. However she also shares advice for people who want to be law students or lawyers and it’s really kind and sweet. She’s also another Pi Phi, which I caught because she dropped a teensy bit of something we say in one of her videos and it blended in so seamlessly with the video, but the Pi Phi girlies caught it.


Reply to @miketwincities the series that’s still ✨at large and biting✨ #transcripts #court #foryou #iconic #YerAWizard

♬ original sound – reb for the rebrand
Movie or TV Favorite: Nancy Drew

Listen, to enjoy this you have to forget that they are based off the Nancy Drew books, because if you think it’s going to be like the books you will be disappointed. Greatly disappointed. It’s a ghost story with the same names as the Nancy Drew characters, and she does solve mysteries, but they are ghost, witch, and other supernatural stuff mysteries and almost never a normal mystery.

I don’t quite know why I like it so much, maybe because it is so completely different from the books that it doesn’t bother me? That it’s complete fluff? That it’s a classic absurd CW show? I’m not certain.

Podcast Favorite: Happier with Gretchen Rubin: Ep. 360

I don’t normally listen to this podcast, but this episode was recommended by Becca Freeman on the Bad on Paper podcast because it is talking about the different methods to change a habit based on your personality type and it was very interesting. And I’m going to give it a shot. I think that I am the type of person who needs external motivation to do things. So one of the habits I want to do is getting ready in the morning, nothing fancy, just actually getting dressed (it can still be comfy clothes, just intentional), doing my hair, doing my makeup. It makes me feel better throughout the day, I’m not embarrased if I have to run out or someone comes by, and wearing makeup makes me actually do my skin care at night, which I often don’t do if I’m not wearing makeup and at 28 I am getting too old to keep doing that.

So I want to create a habit where I wake up early enough to get ready in the morning before work, so I think I need to find a way to create some kind of external motivation to get ready each morning. I’m still working out how to do that, because daily zoom calls is not cutting it.

Also I have to give runner-up to the Bad on Paper podcast, I missed Grace and Becca while they were off and an honourable mention to the CBCNews Frontburner podcast for Thursday’s episode titled “No-Vax Djokovic vs. Australian Immigration” 15/10 on the naming CBC.

Random Favorite 1: PC Naturals Clumping Cat Litter

PC Twice As Absorbent Clumping Cat Litter

If you don’t have a cat, you won’t understand the joy that comes from finding a cat litter that you and your cat both agree on. Some are too scented, some don’t cover the odour well enough, some are terrible to clean up, some your cat kicks out of the litterbox every time he uses it, some the cat won’t touch. It’s like Goldilock’s with the bears’ beds but so much worse. For Montana and I, this is the stuff, but I haven’t been able to find it up here for months. So while I was home I stocked up on this, and I’m so glad to have it back.

Random Favorite 2: Rheo Thompson’s Mint Smoothies

These are so good, I saved them longer than any other Christmas candy I have ever had, I don’t know if they’re online. But they are made at the chocolatier’s in Stratford, Ontario and they are so delicious.

I just checked and they are online and they do ship, but the shipping is pricey while the chocolate is reasonable. I don’t know where that leaves us. It depends on how you like to get your addictive substances I guess.

Mint Smoothies®
Image via Rheo Thompson

Have a great weekend!


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