How I’m Romanticizing Winter

I hate winter. I may have been born in “Winter-peg” (Winnipeg), Manitoba, but I was raised in Tennessee and honey, I promise you that I am a winter wimp, even after 15 years in Ontario. I am a fair weather everything, I only do outdoors things when it’s above freezing and there is no precipitation happening. I hate how early it gets dark, I hate how cold it is and that it’s unpleasant to be outside, I hate shoveling snow and cleaning snow off my car.

Also, credit where credit is due; this was totally inspired by Carter Sullivan, a new-to-me YouTuber that I found this week and her video on this.

Light candles

Read books

Watch cozy, comforting movies and TV: Harry Potter, cheesy Hallmark mysteries, All Creatures Great and Small, BBC mystery shows like Poirot, Midsomer Murders, etc.

Try new warm drinks: fancy hot chocolates, tea lattes, lattes, hot toddies, mulled wines, apple cider


Cooking stews, soups, roasting veggies. Experiment with different squashes and citrus fruits.

Learn to ice skate

Embrace your inner child, make a snow man, make a snow angel, go sledding

Make peppermint bark

Go for winter walks (preferably with a hot chocolate in hand)

Go out for coffee whenever you have time/money

Make waffles

Knit a blanket, I’m feeling inspired by my sister’s Knit-mas this past Christmas and the blanket she knitted for my dad is super warm and cozy. And knitting a blanket serves dual purpose because it keeps you warm while you knit it.

How are you making the best of winters?


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