Saturday Scroll : 01/15/2022

Happy Saturday! I hope you Americans are enjoying your long weekend, I really wish Canada had another holiday in January, it would help with the adjustment back after the holidays. Not that I am making light of MLK Day, it is rightfully a sombre holiday, but MLK Day wouldn’t make sense in Canada, so we could just have another holiday. I kind of have a “reset weekend” planned, lots of errands, to-do list tasks, but also a lot of TV as I realised in the conclusion. Which true to my grad school form, I wrote before the intro.

I have been wanting to see more of this Williamsburg apartment since Carly moved in last fall, and now we have not one, but two (!) apartment tours. And I like it just as much as I thought I would.

A very chic home workout supply list.

Julia Berolzheimer has been doing a week of organizing on her blog, and it is the most beautiful organization I’ve ever seen: bathroom, closet, and kitchen.

Half-way through dry January, how are you doing?

No seriously, how are you doing? At time of writing, I would like a drink lol, which, colour me concerned?

The South that has been romanticized, in all its reality.

This is a really cool ArchDigest series I found this week, 2 interiors personalities take on a DIY project (although is it DIY when one of them is legitimately a furniture maker?) and then they share the outcome with each other. I love how differently they each approached the project but they are both so cool.

This perfectly sums up how I feel about the Y2K trend, I remember looking at the high school girls on my school bus and thinking they were so cool looking. But I was too young for those clothes, now I only have myself holding me back from wearing them.

I would like to workout 100x this year (although if I keep going the way I currently am I’ll need to bump that up!), so here’s some suggestions for not getting bored with your workout routine.

Jack Edwards might be the most wholesome person on the internet. I know that might seem odd given that he says seconds in that he is hungover, but watch this and tell me this isn’t a pure soul. Golden retriever energy, for sure.

A woo-woo moment; how to manifest the love life you want.

I love this California apartment.

Emily’s, of Paris notoriety, camera phone case. I haven’t even seen the show and I want this.

Super cute Latine-owned stationary.

The story behind the green chairs of Parisian parks.

I think I’m finally going to watch Emily in Paris, both seasons, this weekend. And Eternals, and Hawkeye, I have significant TV catching up to do. OMG, and Cheer is out too! But my to do list is so long, oh no, this will not work.


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