Influenced Vol. 1

I thought it would be fun to do a round up of the things that I have been influenced into buying. Originally, I was thinking about doing it as a 2021 round-up, but as I am very much someone who could be described as “very online”, being influenced is part of that, although I think that I am pretty good at resisting the temptation to actually buy the things I’m influenced to want (or I don’t know if I actually resist the temptation so much as can’t afford the temptation lol.)

Raffia Platform Keds

I think this is the only thing that I have actually bought from an Instagram ad. I was getting served these basically every other IG Story I was watching over the summer last summer. I kept getting these ads, and I needed shoes for the summer, and I had several outfits I knew I could wear them with; so I bought them. And I love them.

Like most sneakers they were a bit hard on my heels, I really struggle with that with sneakers. I think it might be the shape of my foot, but nearly every pair of shoes I buy shreds my heels, but these were not terrible. And they looked really cute with my nap dress and gingham jump suit.

Bad on Paper Book Club Books

So many of the great books I read last year were Bad on Paper Podcast Book Club book picks, so in their podcast, the last episode of the month is the book club episode, and they summarize the plot of the book and then discuss it, sometimes they also have the author on to chat about the book! It’s great.

I think my favourite part of the books they pick is that they are books that I wouldn’t normally pick, but every one of them has been fantastic. I haven’t done a full year of their book clubs yet but I would now like to after enjoying a few months worth!

Also a note, I know that If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha and The Midnight Library by Matt Haig are for sure book club picks, but I can’t remember if People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry and One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London were actually book club picks or if they were just mentioned on the podcast. But either way, I got them thanks to Grace and Becca.

The Nap Dress

I don’t know if I have ever been as influenced on anything as I was the Nap Dress. I want them all and I want them in (almost) every colour, but not every shape. However the preview to the Victorian Romance collection coming out in February has me swooning, I might want every colour and every shape in actuality with this collection.

I have also never been as impressed or instantly felt as pretty as I did when I first put on my first nap dress. I think I literally said “I feel like a pretty, pretty princess” out loud, alone in my apartment. I got so many compliments when I wore it out and I got period blood all over the back of it and it came out so well. I was so impressed. Bet you haven’t seen that in a review before.

I don’t have any full length pictures of it, but it was the prettiest I had felt basically since before the pandemic started. Also I didn’t think my hair had grown that much since I had gotten it cut, but it definitely has!

Needlepoint in general

This actually might beat out the Nap Dress. I had so many influencers posting about needlepoint leading up to and at the beginning of the pandemic, Carly Riordan, Carly Hill, Krista Robertson, there was a bit when it felt like every influencer I was following was needlepointing. And it just looked so pretty and satisfying to stitch something. And it is – I’ve been loving it so much and I’ve been loving the internet community that has built up around it. I attended my first virtual stitching circle on Sunday and it was so nice.

My favourite canvas designers are Morgan Julia Designs, Pip and Roo, Eva Howard, Penny Linn Designs, then I love what Le Point, Rudy (R! at Lycette Designs), Rachel Barri Designs, and Hedgehog Needlepoint design, but I haven’t actually bought anything from them, so I don’t know what they are like to stitch.

Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser

This a fully influenced by an influencer moment, I am loving this cleanser. And it comes very strongly recommend by Hyram, Beauty YouTuber extraordinaire, who recommends this cleanser constantly, and when I was in a Sephora over Christmas I bought a little sample sized bottle of it and I am really enjoying it.

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

This has made several appearances in my empties posts and will continue to do so. I had seen this advertised a few times with different influencers: Sarah Nicole @thebirdspapaya, Julia Berolzheimer, and Grace Atwood to name a few. So I bought it at first as part of a holiday kit back in 2020, and then I think I’m currently on my 4th bottle. It and sunscreen are the only two things I use for my day skincare, it makes your skin look so good. And provides a nice “slip” for gua sha/facial massage/ice rolling etc.

Ilia Cosmetics

I just started dipping my toe into the clean makeup category, as a way of transitioning to zero waste makeup (which traditionally has a reputation for being iffy). And I ended up picking Ilia, it’s relatively affordable, in the clean beauty market, and it had lots of positive reviews online, and is widely available since it’s at Sephora.

To be continued!


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