A Week in Outfits // 01/18/22

One of the things that I really want to do this year is start getting ready, most days. Years of scrubs, grad school, and pandemic mean that I haven’t worn make up often or structured clothing for many years, really since 2016.

I also listened to an episode of Happier with Gretchen Rubin last week, it was about how to change a habit. They talked about using your behaviour traits and characteristics to make any habit changes that you want to make, and one of the things discussed was external motivation. So one way that I am going to tap into the fact that I am motivated by what others are doing, competition, and what others may be thinking of me and use that to motivate me to follow through with the habits I want to change.

It’s also important, I think, to note, that external motivation is not the same thing as external validation. I am not looking for people to provide me with feedback or their opinions on what I wear or how I get ready, but just using the fact that I care about what other people are doing and thinking to change how I feel about myself. I don’t know if that makes sense, I’m still working it out myself.

We’re taking it gently, with comfy and warm clothes for a week working from home.

Monday: top // bottom (both on sale now!)
Tuesday: Grace Atwood for Amazon the Drop Dress (not available) // Snag Tights
Wednesday: top // bottoms
Thursday: turtleneck (old Madewell) // leggings
Friday: turtleneck // vest (sold out, similar) // pants (from a small business, but they are those thick scuba like material) // slippers
Saturday: Sorry for the poor quality photo, I forgot to take a picture during the day. Sweatshirt // leggings
Sunday: Sweatshirt (very old) // leggings // the softest socks I’ve ever worn

I think I’m planning on dressing a little nicer this week, but you can expect a lot of outfit repeating in these.

What do you wear to work from home?


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