Saturday Scroll: 09/10/22

I am at the point where I am not wondering "Am I the Drama?", and started asking are these external factors the chaos or am I the chaos. I am severely overwhelmed. But I am slowly but surely making it through. I don't currently have Apple TV+, but this show, Gutsy, is very intriguing to … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 09/10/22

Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 10

^I wish Y'all, I am tired. I don't feel like I have any real reason to be so exhausted either, but here I am, once again asking for caffeine in an IV. I'm also feeling a lot of pressure at the moment with August and summer winding down and another terrifying Northern Ontario winter looming. … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination Vol. 10

Movies I CANNOT Wait To See

This will feel unrelated, but I promise it is. I love Christmas, I always look forward to it. However, this year I think that I am even more excited to be going home and close to an urban area, and hopefully spending some time in Toronto and Guelph and I am so excited to have … Continue reading Movies I CANNOT Wait To See