Saturday Scroll: 09/10/22

I am at the point where I am not wondering “Am I the Drama?”, and started asking are these external factors the chaos or am I the chaos. I am severely overwhelmed. But I am slowly but surely making it through.

I don’t currently have Apple TV+, but this show, Gutsy, is very intriguing to me, as is the story that HRC told about her gutsiest decision.

A history of Balmoral Castle.

When I was walking my pet sitting dogs last weekend I started thinking about the things I was doing to stay safe, changing up my route every day, changing up the time (in the morning sometimes before my shower sometimes after, sometimes at lunch, sometimes before dinner, sometimes later in the evening), not wearing my hair in a ponytail, only keeping one AirPod in, and I got really mad. Why are women the ones who have to think about all of these things, why is it not on men to not be murderers??

I’m kind of obsessed with this The Strand x Bottega Veneta collaboration.

How to recreate The Row on a normal person budget.

This 1973 Richard Avedon fall fashion spread is 100% my fall vibe.

Rich twat. I mean, I’m a rich twat, but I’m not running for office pretending that I’m not.” I love that J.Law is exactly the person that the media tried to make us think she was pretending to be.

These baked pear and vanilla spiced donuts sound so good.

I find staging so interesting, their home was so interesting, so full of personality and apparently for a house to be sold you have to completely remove all personality from it.

How to identify if your need to be productive is doing you harm.

Bottoms for when you just can’t denim again.

Update your wellness routine for autumn.

All the different loafer options for fall.

Single, childless women are becoming the highest earning demographic.

The idea of Serena’s retirement as not an end but a beginning, is one I am still wrapping my head around.

And why we care so much about her retirement.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s GQ profile by Wesley Lowery is a masterpiece.

I love this profile on Remi Bader.

How to return to travel, without a return to over-tourism.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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