Valentine’s Day Movies: aka my Favorite RomComs

This got so long and essentially turned into a list of my favourite romcoms, which I wasn’t expecting it to, but as I was googling and looking at other lists I kept going “OMG, that one! I love that one!” so this list exploded and I know I’m missing a ton of classics, but there had to be an end to the list at some point. I probably won’t watch J.Lo’s new one (Wedding Day??), but I’m hoping we can revive the romcom genre. I like that they tend to be shorter movies (you don’t always want to sit down for 3 hours for a single movie) and they are light and pleasant.

Anyways, there are definitely enough movies to fill an entire “avoid society” Valentine’s Weekend or plenty of options for a movie night or slumber party themed Galentine’s Party!

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things – Amazon

So I actually haven’t seen this one, but Becca Freeman from the Bad on Paper podcast talked about this when it came out and that’s been in my head for probably a year now so it’s probably about time I watched it.

Crazy Rich Asians – Netflix

Who doesn’t want to date a gorgeous man with a great accent in grad school and then learn that he’s from an unimaginable amount of money??

Friends with Benefits (Netflix and Crave) or No Strings Attached (Netflix)

These movies are basically the exact same movie.

I just noticed how weird the casting of this movie is Ludacris?? Nick from New Girl?? Ashton Kutcher?? how did Ashton and Mila do the same plot in different movies???

He’s Just Not That Into You – Netflix

I actually have mixed feelings about this movie. It does the opposite of what it says the reality is the whole time. If they were staying true to the message that he’s just not that into you, Ginnifer Godwin and Justin Long would never end up together.

The Sweetest Thing – Purchase or Rent only


13 Going on 30 (rent or purchase only)

A Cinderella Story – Tubi

Hitch – Netflix and Crave

How to be Single – rent or purchase only

If you need a different type of romcom for your Valentine’s Day.

She’s the Man – rent or purchase only

Ella Enchanted – Netflix

Moulin Rouge – Disney+

One of the best movie musicals there has ever been.

This movie gets bonus points for giving us this ice dance.

The Princess Bride – Disney+

A truly perfect movie.

Shall We Dance? – Prime Video

Roman Holiday – rent or purchase only

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement – Disney+

To me, the first one isn’t a real romcom, there is a bit of romance, but it’s more of a side story to the “You’re a Princess” storyline, but here, the romance is the whole story and it’s a big reason why Chris Pine is my favourite Chris.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – YouTube

The whole movie in this one. This movie is pre-trailer.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Netflix

Just My Luck – Netflix

John Tucker Must Die – Disney+

This is another, if you need a different kind of Valentine’s Day movie, movie.

What a Girl Wants – rent or purchase only

Aquamarine – Crave and Disney+

This movie is what Sex and the City was supposed to be with the “What if our girlfriends are our soulmates and men are just to have fun with?”.

The Prince & Me – rent or purchase only

Julia Stiles at her peak. I also feel like this one gets forgotten about a lot!

Falling for Figaro – Netflix

I watched this last week, I did not expect to like it, I just put it on for background noise while I was writing Monday’s blog post, but it’s actually so lovely and cute. Millie is a brilliant financier up for a big promotion at her fund management firm in London, but she has always wanted to be an opera singer. For her whole life. She quits her job to pursue opera training for a year, leaving London for a small town in the Scottish Highlands, completely unprepared for life in a small town and opera training.

I hope you found something in here to enjoy!


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