A Week in Outfits

Oh hey! Look – I put in effort last week! Or part of it. So documenting my outfits really did have the impact I was hoping it would, I started to get dressed. So fun. Let’s take a look:

Monday // Top – Talbots – old, Jeans – Madewell, Slippers – L.L. Bean I mean look at that hair, the effort, the trying, for work from home?? Who is she?

Tuesday // Turtleneck – Joe Fresh (teal not online, only white), Skirt – Joe Fresh (not online, maybe old because I saw it on Sasha Exeter last winter but my parent’s No Frills had a bunch in their sale section), Tights- Snag

Wednesday // Crop Top (my Kim Possible Halloween costume crop top came in a pack of two, and while I don’t wear crop tops, they’re the only long sleeve t-shirts I currently own) – Amazon, Vest – LL. Bean (exact only available in green) similar, Pants (also from my Kim Possible costume) – Amazon, Socks – Ugg

It appears I forgot to take a picture on Thursday??

Friday // Cardigan – old Abercrombie (similar), Black T-Shirt – Dex (mine is 5 years old, this is definitely it’s last year), Leggings – Lululemon, Socks – Ice Breaker (so warm!)

Saturday // Black T-Shirt – Dex, Leggings- Lululemon

Sunday // Was a day of duality, it was “only” -9 and I had a bunch of shoveling to do and I didn’t want to overheat, so I wore that mess with my coat and boots and gloves to shovel, and then for sitting on the couch I added my robe. Also these socks were a gift from my mom a couple year’s ago, they have dinosaurs on the top, and on the back of the ankle they say “you’re future”. Way harsh Mom.

So I guess it was a mixed bag of effort vs. not lol, but it’s still a pandemic and it’s cold, so let’s get comfy cozy.


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