November in Review

Did anyone else kind of miss the mess that is getting ready for a night out, getting ready has always been one of the most fun parts of going out.

My friend brought over this gold flake champagne, I didn’t actually have any of it, but it sure looked pretty in the dishes the next day.

This is the same feeling I have about the noughties being trendy, all the things that we couldn’t afford, weren’t confident enough, or weren’t old enough to have we now can have.

My apartment is really starting to come together ❤

I have almost forgotten what my view is like without snow already.

I think it’s because it is getting dark early, but I had never noticed the vintage “no smoking” sign on our charter flights before.

The highway might have been closed, but nothing stops Jeff Bezos.

This elote chowder was so good.

WOOOOHOOOOOO, Britney is free, Taylor is regaining ownership of her albums, Paris is married, Lindsay is engaged and acting again, Hillary is re-doing her choreo on TikTok, our noughties babes have had it rough but we are back!

I looked for my keys for over an hour, I finally gave up and grabbed my spare house key and car key, I then opened the door and realized I had left them in the lock, all night.

I haven’t stitched in a while, or read, but a snowstorm really got me back in the mood for sedentary hobbies.

I bought some Snag tights, I haven’t worn them yet, but I’m excited to be able to wear my dresses and skirts again. And I love that they came in completely plastic free packaging.

The couple I’m pet sitting for has this ridiculously large TV.

So let’s go back to December, I can’t wait to decorate for the holidays, teach myself how to skate again, bake cookies, drink hot chocolate, and listen to Christmas music.


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