Saturday Scroll: 01/07/22

Happy first weekend of the year everyone! Was this week especially brutal for anyone else? I know most places in the world haven’t gone back into some kind of lockdown, but lots have, so this weekend I will be cleaning my apartment for the new year (I wasn’t here before the actual new year, I was at my parents’) and marathoning the Harry Potter movies while drinking tea to prepare to watch the reunion, hopefully on Sunday night, if you’re looking for something to do. Personally, I am very excited about these plans.

A list of lesser hyped TV shows coming out soon.

A new Scandi trend: uitwaaien

What it means when a celeb chooses to wear vintage on the red carpet.

After doing several long days of serious driving over the past couple weeks, this list of things to keep in your car seems very interesting; and important.

I don’t know who all the writers at The Cut are, but good lord can they write a headline and an Instagram caption.

Pretend your going on vacation with me and Carly’s resort wear round up.

2022’s home trends.

The evolution of fitness culture.

A week of rest.

I have had multiple people tell me that up here, I need to be prepared for winter to last until May, so I am determined to find a way to enjoy, romanticize, and thrive in winter, including by building a good winter wellness routine.

The woman behind Neiman Marcus (her great-niece also has a book coming out this year about her Great-Aunt); because behind every great man is a great woman.

Gwyneth Paltrow interviews Stanley Tucci about food. (Say what you will about GP and Goop, but she is a superb podcast host).

Laziness is a myth.

This is my favourite post of Grace’s each year, it breaks down the business side of being a (paid) content creator in a way that keeps her private information private, while also sharing about her revenue streams.

A very interesting read about a new perspective on social media and blogging that I find very interesting and relatable.

Have a great weekend, oh and gorgeous, gorgeous girls remember to plug in their cars. IYKYK.


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