Friday Favorites: Short Week, Long Days

This week has gone so quickly and so slowly at the same time. Monday was the second day of driving back that started in a hilly, twisty portion of the Trans-Canada Highway in a snowstorm, then Tuesday began with an email inbox that began at 16 unread emails and slowly updated over 10 minutes to 100 unread emails. Which is probably normally the amount of emails I manage in a day, but I never start the day with that many. Wednesday seemed interminable and Thursday was Epiphany which for me meant taking down my Christmas decorations, and Friday is going to be calls on calls. I’m having a hard time getting back into a work, in a way I kind of wish I had never taken time off because it’s like I’ve completely forgotten how to focus and do my job. Even though I really needed time off and the break.

Instagram Favourite: @thelaminimalist – Annie

Annie has been on a bit of a tear this week, it’s been fun. Annie is one of my favourite follows for questioning myself and challenging “life’s rules”, because the rules are fake.

She also makes me want to deactivate every social media account but Instagram, because that’s the only one she has. I also might bring back the cleaning out your phone every Sunday, we’ll see…

Podcast Favorite: Maintenance Phase: Fat Camps

When I was growing up, fat camps were a punch line, but something I always kind of wondered about (in my then exceedingly normal sized teenage body), but they weren’t something that I knew for sure to be a real thing. This episode is done exceptionally well, and is so clearly emotional for Audrey Gordon, who mentions at the beginning that she was sent to one.

This podcast is so helpful at making me realize that diets really don’t work, every diet discussed, every person who dieted mentioned, they either end up destroying the person’s ability to eat food in any normal manner or they regain the weight. None have any lasting effects at the population level. Even though I know that I am a fat person and I also know that I am a healthy person, and I believe in health at every size, the dismantling of the public health understanding of the “obesity epidemic” and the “obesity paradox” caused by this podcast alone is blowing my mind.

Movie/TV Favorite: Queer Eye Season 6

Is there a more positive or uplifting show on an streaming network or TV network than the remake of Queer Eye? Also, has there ever been a better remake? Normally remakes are weak distillations of the original, but somehow this has taken a classic, slightly toxic early 2000s makeover show and turned it into a beacon of hope, positivity, joy, and crossing of societal divides.

Also the scene where they washed the beef rancher’s hair made me want to vomit (there is no way that there wasn’t literal bull crap in there) and I have never related to anyone more than when JVN was kitchen dancing while eating their cinnamon toast crunch. And Karamo’s t-shirts!!

Wildcard Favorite 1: My new loungewear sets from Joe Fresh

I wanted comfy but cute outfits to wear on the days where I just cannot bear the thought of putting on hard pants to sit at my silly little home office desk. I also wanted a divide between my workout clothes (which desperately need replacing, but it won’t be happening for a while) and my loungewear clothes to hopefully help extend their lives a bit. I got two sets, a really cute grey merle knit sweater and wide leg pants set, that I really love the arm cuff detail on (top/bottoms); and a blue velour joggers set (top/bottoms).

Wildcard Favorite 2: Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser

This is the first time I have bought a cleanser in years, I’ve been (gasp) using bar soap for years. But I like that this cleanser comes in a glass bottle and I have been strongly influenced by Hyram on YouTube to give it a shot. I use it as a second cleanser after the Farmacy Green Clean, which is a holy grail product of mine, when I wear makeup and as my solo cleanser when I don’t or in the mornings.

I know it was a short week, but I think we are all looking forward to the weekend, so I hope you have a great one!


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