What I Read in December

So it turns out I wasn’t in a reading rut, I was approaching burn out and exhaustion and all I needed was a good break and a few good nights sleep to want to and be able to read again.

This is a gorgeous book and will be the start of my coffee table stack. I love Paula on Instagram (@hillhousevintage), she inspires me to never stop seeking out my truest self, no matter how old I become or how silly I may appear to others.

So I should have inferred that this was more of a travel guide based on the “an irreverent guide”, but it is more of a travel guide than a book that you read in one sitting. I will definitely look up places in here before I travel with them and note down Tony’s tips and favourite places to eat. My favourite part of the book is how clearly you can hear Tony’s voice through it. I felt like I could hear him speaking to me, maybe only because I’ve watched all of his shows enough to know them backwards and forwards, but I did feel like I could hear him say every quote.

This was so much better than I expected it to be. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I have a low bar for any kind of collaborative book effort, but this was really good. It follows the new Secretary of State as she works to solve a series of terror attacks across Europe that ensnares her entire family and stretches farther into the corruption of the previous government than she ever would have imagined.

I don’t have a proper picture of this because I thought I had a book at home that I needed in my stack so I didn’t take my pictures at my parents’ house and this is my Dad’s book so I couldn’t bring it back with me and then I didn’t have a book at home to include so I could have take my pictures at my parents’ house.

Anyways, another brilliant installation in the Armand Gamache series. This one is very different. It is obviously a murder mystery, he is the Head of Homicide, but this one asks ethical and moral questions of Armand, the other characters, and of us and dances in the grey of morality while disguising it under the easy to read qualities of a cozy mystery.

This is a fantastic book, although it has one of the most devastating descriptions of a death and grieving that I have ever experienced. An amazing novel.

This one is so fun, so sad, and so fabulous. A seemingly random junior writer at an internet magazine is selected to write the first interview with one of the most famous and reclusive actresses of the 60s and 70s. It is a tale of atonement, living unapologetically, if secretly, and how the journey for happiness can take your whole life.

I hope to continue having great reading months. I currently have two books on the go, which isn’t a great thing for me, I get confused. But I plan to knock at least one of them out this weekend.

I also am not allowed to buy any new books for a very long time, my TBR stack is absolutely massive right now, but I am always open to recommendations!


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