Vibes for 2022

This is a much more woo-woo version of a New Years Resolution Post. I don’t know if I believe in manifestation or anything like that but I know that I want this year to be more fun, if that makes sense. And I know that is probably a really weird thing to say on the literal day that Ontario is starting a new partial lockdown, but so much of my twenties has been about working. Working to get good grades so that I could get into the schools or programs that I wanted, keep scholarships, get a job, pay the bills. And I still have a lot of work to do and a lot of bills to pay but if the pandemic has taught me anything it’s that you have to find fun and make fun wherever you can.

Vibe: /vīb/. a person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others

So this one is more of the realistic one, it’s a bit more connected to my concrete plans than the vision board below. Well I don’t know if I’ll get to Paris this year lol but we can dream. But I am going to continue to pay off my debt, build my closet, work on my body image, and stay in hotels.

This is the more vibey vision board, the selfish 20s vision board. Glitter and museums and dancing and slow mornings. Do I live in a super small town that doesn’t have a bar for dancing nor a museum nor a disco ball? Sure. Can I bring this feeling out anyways? I think so.

Also my dad has this fantastic leather jacket with an image of Tom and Jerry on the back and fringe all the way across. It’s so much cooler than that description sounds, and I have always wanted a fringe jacket. (I just went down a 30 minute fringe jacket rabbit hole)

I feel like there isn’t a lot of substance in this post, but maybe that’s part of what I’m looking for in 2022. More fluff, less substance.


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