February State of the Union

We're only a few days into February, but it has this energy, there is a stress, an anxiety, a rushed feeling to the energy this month. February is such a short month, but it feels like time is moving so much faster than normal this year. Maybe it's age. Maybe it's just that things are … Continue reading February State of the Union

How I’m Romanticizing Winter Vol. 2

I wrote this post last January, and I'm updating it for two reasons. Firstly, I was miserable last winter, late January into February (with a few weeks distracted by work) and then March and April I had the Big Sads. And secondly, my winter content is some of my best performing and most evergreen content. … Continue reading How I’m Romanticizing Winter Vol. 2

Friday Favorites: Winter non-essentials

All I want right now is to be cozy and asleep. I have been so cold and tired constantly this week, and it's only just started to dip into the double digit negatives, so I don't know how I'm going to get through the rest of the winter. I need to get more blankets, more … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Winter non-essentials

A Week in Outfits

Oh hey! Look - I put in effort last week! Or part of it. So documenting my outfits really did have the impact I was hoping it would, I started to get dressed. So fun. Let's take a look: Monday // Top - Talbots - old, Jeans - Madewell, Slippers - L.L. Bean I mean … Continue reading A Week in Outfits

Winter Cozies – Fleece and Loungewear Round-Up

It has snowed here nearly every day since Halloween, with really heavy snow starting on Thursday and going into Friday and then there have been flurries every day since and it is sticking. It's not that cold yet, but the snow is definitely not going anywhere and I just want to wear soft, cozy clothes, … Continue reading Winter Cozies – Fleece and Loungewear Round-Up

Friday Favorites: 11/12/2021

This has been an insanely busy, but also a really, really good week. The week started with a memo that Remembrance Day would be a stat holiday (a paid holiday), I went into the office twice, had a work day trip, and then we had a really pretty snowstorm on the stat holiday so there … Continue reading Friday Favorites: 11/12/2021

October in Review

October was a surprisingly great month. I am really starting to feel settled here and like I am building a community here. It was a really good feeling to have social plans again. It just felt good to be around people outside of work. I have been saying for months that I was going to … Continue reading October in Review

Autumn Cozy Candles

Candles are the perfect end to a cleaning or self-care routine. There is no better feeling than having spent hours cleaning your kitchen, vacuuming, doing laundry, washing floors and then lighting a candle and curling up under a blanket in your nice clean apartment. I have been using candles a lot more frequently now that … Continue reading Autumn Cozy Candles