Friday Favorites: Winter non-essentials

All I want right now is to be cozy and asleep. I have been so cold and tired constantly this week, and it’s only just started to dip into the double digit negatives, so I don’t know how I’m going to get through the rest of the winter. I need to get more blankets, more cozy clothes, warm socks, and the like, and lip balm, we are officially in chapped lip season. So far I’ve staved off the winter eczema, but haven’t escaped the chapped lips yet.

Social Media Favorite: @HillHouseVintage aka Paula Sutton

Paula has been one of my long-time favourite follows, but she kind of disappeared from my feed for a bit. But I’ve brought her back lately and there is something about the style of content that she does that is so perfect for the holidays. It’s so whimsical and joyful and it just works so well.

Movie/TV Favorite: Ghost Whisperer

I recently started re-watching Ghost Whisperer, mostly because I love the outfits, especially the nightgowns. Although I actually really enjoy it, although I haven’t gotten to the bit where they just switch the Jims and that’s my least favourite plot line in any movie or show ever. I am however, realizing that a Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character Melinda Gordon has had a huge impact on my personal style that I was not prepared to realize.

Also it must have been so fun for Jennifer Love Hewitt and Aisha Tyler both be on Criminal Minds, it was so sad when she left Ghost Whisperer.

Podcast Favorite: You’re Wrong About: Where have all the preppies gone? with Avery Trufelman

This episode was so interesting, I find the history of useful object so interesting, clothes, cooking utensils, dishes, vanity supplies and beauty products, sports equipment, all of it. So this podcast about the evolution of preppy fashion as a class equalizer, to the uniform of Black jazz singers, to a symbol of the elites, to a symbol of rap music, to now what we refer to as “basics”. So did the preppies really disappear or are we all a preppy now.

Random Favorite 1: Summer Fridays Lip Balm

I recently lost this and it has shown me how much better it is than all the other lip balms on the market. Spending $30 on a lip balm is absurd, but the thickness, the texture, how long it lasts on your lips, how well it hydrates. Nothing is like it. I had really hoped that it would be a one time purchase for me, but it’s not and I wish I had never tried it.

Random Favorite 2: Indigo Faux Fur Throw Blankets

I bought a cheap throw this past spring, I didn’t want to spend the money on one of these, I didn’t have anything I wanted from Indigo last holidays to get the deal, and I wanted a more colourful option. However, it is not nearly as nice feeling NOR as warm as these throws. There is a reason literally every Canadian household has at least one of these (and the fact that Indigo is our biggest bookseller.

Have a great weekend!


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