Saturday Scroll: 12/03/22

October, November and December, have been and will be months of mayhem but now that the festive season is starting I’m starting to feel some excitement again. I was starting to get worried that my excitement button was broken. I have a really fun day with friends planned for tomorrow, holiday coffees, a craft fair, and ice skating, and then on Sunday I’m going to go buy my first full height Christmas tree and it’s so exciting.

I am also very much looking forward to my Christmas vacation, I’m just going home and to see friends, but I’m so excited for the time off. I need some real rest, no rushing about trying to do a whole bunch of things while in the city but lots of sleep and downtime to really chill. Anyways, let’s get into the reads:

How to identify cultural appropriation in wellness culture.

Who to know from Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week.

I am obsessed with the fact that Thing in Netflix’s Wednesday was a real actor. It’s too good.

I much prefer the “winter chill” make up trend to this past summer’s sunburn trend.

This was a very interesting interview with Dove Cameron, I’ve been following her career since she was on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in maybe 2014/2015, but she had a song go viral in February, and she talks about how overwhelming it has been, even though she has been “famous” for years. Which makes me even more interested in the effects on so called normal people when they go viral.

This list of fashion items that defined 2022 is super interesting because it contains everything from the mundane cowboy boots to a color to the most high-fashion couture items that dominated the runways.

Related: there were also some amazing celebrity fashion moments this year.

I love that the baguette is now a UNESCO world heritage item.

Gift Guides: For the Bougie Friend (x2), for the pet lover, the cat mom, luxury candle list, for indoorsy people.

I am in love with this needlepoint pillow and want to design my own version (I don’t love the colours on this one).

How to decorate for the holidays in a small space.

Do NOT comment on anyone’s body (maybe even not your own) during the holidays.

I am very nervous for the Three Pines adaptation of of Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache books. They are so good and cozy and this seems more thriller-y.

I’m thankful for libraries too, when I was a kid my parents couldn’t afford to keep up with my reading habits, and the library allowed my sister and I to read more books than we could buy.

Overindulgence, on occasion, can make you happy.

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of a New Year’s Eve wedding, so even though I’m not anywhere close to getting engaged or married, I had to read this dos and don’ts of a winter wedding piece.

One of my toxic traits is that I consistently have a TBR in the teens and a pile of books in my Indigo cart numbering at least 15 but I have never added a book to cart as fast as I did after reading the first paragraph of this review.

Julia Fox may say that aging and being ugly are in, but who gets to be ugly?

I’m really glad to see that Hailey Beiber is talking about her ovarian cysts, I didn’t have a cyst, I had a teratoma, but the symptoms sound the exact same. It was so painful, made me throw up for years, and ended up with an emergency surgery where I lost half my reproductive organs. Women are not aware enough, thanks to a lack of medical research into women’s health, what the signs and symptoms are, hopefully a celebrity like Hailey can help raise awareness.

Have a great weekend!


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