November Empties

This was an unusual haul of empties this time around, mostly because there were more cardboard packaged items in this month’s collection than plastic or glass packaged items like normal. Which I thought was interesting, I don’t know if it really means anything, is just interesting.

I’ve also been thinking about doing a big summary of the last two years of empties posts in the new year, to see if I can identify any trends or even just how many of each of my routine items I use a year so that I can stock up during a Sephora sale or if there is anything that I should cut because I am spending an astronomical amount of money on it.

This is the winter holy grail. I use it year round, but I cannot imagine getting through a Canadian winter without this moisturizer. It is so thick and moisturizing but also not suffocating.

This actually reminded me that I have not taken a probiotic in weeks and haven’t noticed a difference, so I think I’m going to save my money and not start taking them again.

Evidence that I actually had a cold in November.

I use Dove bar soap for my body soap and my face soap. I’m not currently using it for hand soap, I find that it leaves a film on your hands that bothers me but it doesn’t bother me or I don’t notice it on my face or body.

The usual contact stuff, just my travel size solution this time.

Again, another hydration holy grail. The way this stuff makes my skin look, I just cry every time I purchase it.

I got a sample of this cleanser from on of the sales girls at the Shoppers Drug Mart beauty counter, it’s not quite a beauty boutique, we’re too small town for that. It was fine, I didn’t notice anything special about it. I did not buy it.

I bought these after seeing them in one of the laundry rooms of one of the homes I was pet sitting in. Again, I didn’t notice a difference and I didn’t like the fact that it added waste to my very low waste laundry routine (I don’t use plastic packaged detergent, no scent boosters, fabric softener or anything like that) and it just didn’t seem worth it.


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