Autumn Cozy Candles

Candles are the perfect end to a cleaning or self-care routine. There is no better feeling than having spent hours cleaning your kitchen, vacuuming, doing laundry, washing floors and then lighting a candle and curling up under a blanket in your nice clean apartment.

I have been using candles a lot more frequently now that I don’t live above my job and they could smell everything I cooked or fragrance I used. I’m running low now and like all my purchases I am going to obsessively research and dissect them until I figure out what I want. I also have my favourites after years of being a religious candle user.

I have tried three of these exact candles before. Eddie Vetiver from Larson Bay Candles, is a local to me, candle company that I found at a local craft fair and it smells amazing. The Les candle from Boy Smells is my most favourite candle I have ever experienced. And the Pumpkin Clove Candle from Capri Blue is my very favourite fall candle, I really miss living walking distance from Anthropologie to be able to snag a couple for the season.

The other candles are from Paddywax, and I’ve used their diffusers before when I lived in dorms and couldn’t have candles and I loved the diffuser scents. Also, this candle is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Tennessean in me can’t walk away from that (although it is currently on backorder so I didn’t actually buy it, yet).

ALSO, Olivia Muenter and her husband will be doing their tipsy candle review very soon on Instagram and I cannot wait. They went live last year in quarantine and got drunk and they had a metric shit-ton of Bath and Body Works Candles and it was one of the funniest things to happen in quarantine. So I cannot wait for that.

Do you have any candle recommendations, please share them I am always down for new scents.


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