September Empties

September felt like a big use-up month. I think that is more because of the GoCleanCo fall challenge and cleaning out my bathroom (I didn’t include those items in here, I didn’t use them up, but I might do a round-up of what I’m getting rid of in that clean out to see if we can identify any themes), and so it looks like there is a lot less stuff in my bathroom between using stuff up and cleaning stuff out. We’ve also got a good variety of items this month!

These are the “skin care” type items.

Honest Beauty Organic Facial Oil: I bought this at Shoppers Drug Mart back in June (so it lasted a decent amount of time!) when I was out of my preferred Biossance Vitamin C and Rose Oil and didn’t have time to wait for it to be shipped/I kind of blacked out because it was the first time I had been in a store that wasn’t a grocery store in 5 months. When I looked it up for the full name I noticed that it was a lot more expensive than I remembered it being, and I don’t know if it would be worth that price. It was good, but not as good as the Biossance oil.

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate: I really really liked this. It was a sample size, I would say the sample size lasted about a month, and I was considering buying a full-size version of this, but then I looked it up. It is $90 for 15mL of product. Now, maybe when ageing is more of a skin-care concern of mine in a few years, maybe. Right now, I absolutely cannot justify that or bring myself to do that. Nope, no way. So this was great, but I can’t bring myself to spend that much money on eye cream.

Nair Face Wax Strips: Lol I just noticed that I put these French side up (welcome to Canada! all of our packaged products have both French and English on the packaging). I bought these at the recommendation of a friend, I haven’t been able to find a waxing place up here, the closest one seems to be Fort Frances (about 3 hours). These are alright, I’m not certain if it’s user error or the product, but they don’t grab the soft peach fuzzy mustache hairs very well. They will get the thick hairs, but especially on the upper lip the wax just sticks to my skin and I basically have to scrape it off afterwards. Not fun, but I did re-buy. I just remembered a couple days ago that they generally put a powder (maybe baby powder?) on the upper lip and I wonder if that helps with the wax sticking to your skin? I want to try it, but I also don’t want to buy a big thing of baby powder so I’ve been wondering about flour? Too far?

Laundry strips: This seems to have been the month where I ran out of the things that I bought in Kenora. I got these at Clay Moon Co. in Kenora (a gorgeous shop if you are going to/in Kenora). They are laundry detergent strips, similar to the Tru Earth ones I wrote about in July, I think, but I like these better. I really like the scent, my clothes felt clean. I just really liked these, I will probably be going back to Tru Earth, solely because there is someone here in town that sells Tru Earth laundry strips and I don’t know when I’ll get back to Kenora.

I have had this box of band-aids since August 2018 when I shredded my heels breaking in my new Supergas on the streets of NYC. It was bad, my friend couldn’t walk behind me because she couldn’t see my blisters without getting nauseous. Truly the worst blisters I have ever had. I’m not buying normal band-aids again, I’m going to get some of these compostable band-aids.

I use a lot of lip balm. I’ve heard that they more lip balm you use they more you use lip balm. I really, really like the First Aid Beauty one. I have another Burt’s Bees tube that I am using up, I used to buy them in bulk and would always loose them in my scrubs or at the laundromat, but now that I neither wear scrubs nor go to a laundromat I don’t lose lip balms anymore? Did I just find a benefit of the pandemic?? I really want to try the Summer Fridays lip balm, but I am struggling with the idea that I *should* get one of the lip balms in cardboard/compostable packaging (although the should is totally my own/the culture of zero waste’s societal pressures on me).

My usual contact accoutrement, although I feel like I am burning through contact solution lately.

And tooth stuff, when I cleaned out my bathroom I swapped out my toothbrush for fresh one. I like to keep one of hand for scrubbing in tiny nooks and crannies, but I still had my previous one. Now, the bristles on most bamboo toothbrushes are not compostable. You can either take pliers and pull the bristles out or you can be like me and snap the brush head off and put the bamboo handle in the compost and the brush head in the garbage. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot less waste than a full toothbrush (maybe my internal argument against an automatic toothbrush isn’t as sound as I thought it was?). And my toothpaste, I won’t be switching my toothpaste to a low-waste until I can find one with fluoride in it.

I feel like I had a candle or two this month, but I haven’t cleaned out my freezer (I put them in the freezer to make the containers easier to clean out) so I’m not certain.

It’s been about 9 months of doing these posts now, and it’s been really interesting to track what I use and how that has changed as my life has changed this year. When I lived in an urban area I would have never done my own waxing, and I wouldn’t have counted the waste that made into the waste I produced that month, even though I should have. So very interesting, very interesting.


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