Mid-Week Procrastination: the return of movies, Tennessee’s Queen, and Snoop

It was a long weekend in Canada this week, so Tuesday was the first day of our week, but I really felt like it punched me in the gut, so it is the perfect time for this post. A photo-journal of WASP Rot. The best and most good Tennessean, Dolly Parton's favourite makeup looks. And … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: the return of movies, Tennessee’s Queen, and Snoop

Weekend in Kenora

So basically I needed to get out. It had been three months of basically complete social isolation beyond Zoom meetings and vaccine clinics and I needed to get out of this tiny town. Also, Ontario had been in Step 1 of re-opening for a couple weeks and I was starting to lose my mind with … Continue reading Weekend in Kenora

Obsessions: June 11

We left lockdown today!! I don't have anywhere to go or anyone to see and there are no patios in this town to go to, but we left lockdown today! I can go buy socks! And hand towels, and get a spare key cut for my apartment, and command hanging things! I could have technically … Continue reading Obsessions: June 11

I’m not sure where this is going

I've noticed a recurring statement in my thoughts lately. I'm not sure where this is going. I like my job, but I'm only 2 months in and I only have a 1 year contract. I'm not sure where this is going. I love my apartment, it has so much potential. I know my landlords are … Continue reading I’m not sure where this is going

April Empties

Compared to March it looks like I didn't use anything up this month! Mostly, I just finished up some samples that I have had for several months. The nice thing about a Project Pan is that you actually do use those random things that you have accumulated over your years of purchasing. I do see … Continue reading April Empties

Mid-Week Procrastination

The apathy is strong this week, or maybe it's not apathy maybe it's that thing the New York Times talked about last week that everyone was sharing (it's in here don't worry if you missed it) but it's kind of between enthusiasm for life and apathy caused by a simple lack of stimulation; languishing. And … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination

Obsessions: April 17

Normally I write this post on Friday nights, but the news of our lockdown being extended made me not do anything last night. I agree that lockdown should be extended, we need further public health measures because this is the worst the pandemic has ever been in Ontario. Our new cases daily, our hospitalizations daily, … Continue reading Obsessions: April 17

Quarantine Round 4 Activities

Well Ontario. We're nearly a week in to Quarantine/Lock-down/Stay-at-home/Flatten the curve number 4 here. And given that this is probably the worst wave that we have seen yet that when this stay-at-home order expires it will not be releasing us straight into normal pre-COVID life. So I need some things to do. In the past … Continue reading Quarantine Round 4 Activities