Being Prepared for a Breakdown

I feel like I should immediately clarify that this is an automobile break down and not a mental health break down. When I first started working on this post I didn't even think about how this title could be interpreted in multiple ways. If you are looking for support for a mental health break down … Continue reading Being Prepared for a Breakdown

Northern Diaries: Ojibway Provincial Park

I've been telling myself lately to actually go do the things that I find myself wanting to do, whether I have company or not. So this was one of the things I made myself go do. It was hellishly hot though so I just did the short trail but this is a great and very … Continue reading Northern Diaries: Ojibway Provincial Park

Obsessions: July 3rd

Instagram obsession: @meghandono Meghan has become one of my favourite bloggers/influencers. I started following her for her sunscreen recs and her Francophile style. She had skin cancer a couple years ago (so I believe that would have put her in her early 30s, and I am rapidly approaching my late 20s) and has become super … Continue reading Obsessions: July 3rd

Obsessions: June 11

We left lockdown today!! I don't have anywhere to go or anyone to see and there are no patios in this town to go to, but we left lockdown today! I can go buy socks! And hand towels, and get a spare key cut for my apartment, and command hanging things! I could have technically … Continue reading Obsessions: June 11

Obsessions: April 10

I can't remember if I said it on here last week, but I was starting to feel a little useless at work, like I wasn't doing enough or that I had gotten through the intro/transition work a bit too quickly and that they didn't have anything for me to do. However, this week I am … Continue reading Obsessions: April 10

Sunset Country Hikes I want to do

So I learned this past weekend that this region of Northwestern Ontario is called Sunset Country and I just love that so much. The sunsets here are truly stunning every single night so it makes so much sense. Note: the blog post's featured image is actually from the Eagle's Nest Trail in Calabogie, Ontario. I … Continue reading Sunset Country Hikes I want to do

Moving far, far away

So if you have been following along, you will know that I got a new job in Northwestern Ontario! (If you aren't in the loop, you can read all about it here). But this town is about a 19 hour drive straight from my parent's place in the Ottawa Valley, and nearly the exact same … Continue reading Moving far, far away