Obsessions: July 3rd

Instagram obsession: @meghandono

Meghan has become one of my favourite bloggers/influencers. I started following her for her sunscreen recs and her Francophile style. She had skin cancer a couple years ago (so I believe that would have put her in her early 30s, and I am rapidly approaching my late 20s) and has become super diligent about her sun protection and I am really trying to change my mindset about sun protection because I am so lazy about it. I really want to change my mindset about having a “bit of a tan”.

TV/movie obsession: Loki

This kind of feels like a cop out, it’s kind of the only thing I watched this week. I just haven’t been vibing with Netflix or Amazon Prime, or anything at the moment. I’m kind of considering canceling my Prime membership now that lockdown seems to be over, at least for the summer, and giving Crave with the HBO extension a shot.

However, Loki. Episode 4 was mind-blowing, I have no clue where this series is going and apparently there are only 6 episodes in the season, so how the heck are they going to wrap it up?

Podcast/music obsession: Thank God It’s Monday Podcast

This is a brand new podcast from Monday Girl, which is a Canadian company? organization? brand? I’m not 100% sure what to call it, that is aiming to normalize discussions among millenial (and older Gen Z) women about work, money, etc. They also do a weekly email newsletter and their social media has some great tips for remote interviews and networking. They have bases in Toronto and Montreal, although I have only been a subscriber to their email newsletter since within the pandemic so there haven’t been any in person events. The podcast just got released this past Monday and they dropped 3 episodes to start, and I particularly love the episode about the pressure to be rich in your 20s.

They also have a subscribers-only job board. It’s not really for my field, it’s more like marketing, PR, sales, communications, social media, etc. but it’s cool to see what other jobs are out there.

Random obsession 1: Hill House Nap Dress

I ordered my first nap dress!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!! I am so excited, I was going to do a no-buy July, but then the print that I have really been wanting came back in stock and I can afford it, and I don’t want to order it so late in the summer that there is no time to wear it. So I did it! I’m so excited, I hope it comes ASAP.

Image from Hill House Home, The Ellie Nap Dress in Blue Botanical

Random obsession 2: This is a local one, so if you want to try it I guess you’ll have to come all the way up to Sioux Lookout, but there is a superb coffee shop. It’s just coffee and a few pastries, but the coffee is so good. I am very grateful for its presence here in town, I don’t think the bookstore is going to be my cup of tea, but the coffee is excellent.

Image from @gnbooks_hubcoffee on Instagram

I hope you have a great weekend!


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