June Empties

I am feeling slightly derailed as my blog post schedule is being impacted by my real life. We were supposed to be moving back into the office today, but then there was a government announcement that it was still recommended that non-essential employees still work from home until September 7. I have very mixed feelings about this, I was so looking forward to meeting my colleagues, but I am also loving not having to change my routine. I may still publish that blog post, because it’s probably going to be relevant to a bunch of people, but omg I feel like I have whiplash and am so confused between work travel, Canada Day being on a Thursday and Friday then feeling like a Monday and then the weekend and now another Monday and moving into the office and then not moving into the office. Ugh.

Anyways, June empties, some household stuff and some beauty products.

I have been starting to consider including food packaging in here, but I’m still on the fence about it because a) I use a lot more packaged food then I did pre-pandemic and b) since moving up here, there is a lot less options for foods and not packaged produce and c) I worry that thinking about having to put my food containers on the internet would trigger some of my weird eating stuff that I’ve been working on. So I’m leaning to no, but that is definitely the majority of my waste/recyclables.

I really liked these. They are super easy to use, the package is super lightweight and was really easy to move with, and I think that they worked the best of all the low-waste laundry detergents that I have ever tried. I would totally by these again, I bought a similar version from a shop in Kenora called Clay Moon Co, the brand is Good Juju and they smell fantastic. I did cave and buy some Tide Pods here in town because I needed to do laundry and hadn’t got the Good Juju ones and hadn’t reordered these ones yet. I feel like the clean of the Tide Pods and the clean of the Tru Earth is basically the same, which I can’t say for the Soap Nuts or 7th Generation products I’ve tried.

This was just a sample size of this cleanser, I really enjoyed using it. It was pleasant to use, didn’t irritate my eyes, overall pleasant. But I won’t be purchasing a full size version, I just don’t really think that cleanser is worth buying luxury products of; and I really like my Meow Meow Tweet Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil bar and I love that it is package-free.

Also I don’t rely on cleansers like this or my Meow Meow Tweet bar to remove make up, I double cleanse and use a makeup removing balm as my first step so I can’t speak to their abilities to remove mascara or lipstick.

I adore this product. I love how it makes my skin looks, I love the super subtle scent, but I hate the price. I have yet to do a Sephora order since I moved up here, I am nervous about sending something so expensive in a glass jar through the mail. However, I’m also not about to drive to Calgary to go to a shop (also I would definitely have to quarantine when I got back here and I just don’t want to do that again). So I will rebuy, eventually.

This is a holy grail, desert island product. I have yet to find it in Canada, this tube was sent to me by my cousin from England in a care package last year. She sent two and I immediately opened the next tube. It is a neosporin/polysporin-type product. I use it on acne, sores, burns, cuts. It’s a 10/10.

This looks super weird, but I had to buy some wrapped soap bars because there weren’t any unwrapped bars available in town and I needed soap and I didn’t want to get a bottle of soap or body wash. So this is the wrapper from the Ivory soap bar. It’s fine, it’s soap, like it’s not miraculous.

This isn’t really an empty, I was trying to organize my undersink area in my bathroom and was cleaning out my wash bags and found this. I was going to use it up, but I think it must have dried up in the probably like 20 months that it has sat in a wash bag. I think I impulse bought it because I needed something I could get through airport security and this was what was available. I’m really going to try and avoid doing this for future travels, and get those little refillable containers and put bits of the products that I am actually using and not buying some random thing that I don’t know how my skin is going to react to and is just going to get thrown out because I’ll never finish it.

I really love this scrub. It has a peppermint-y something that makes it feel really fresh and refreshing. I also love how long it lasts and you don’t really have to worry about it going bad because it’s a powder and you mix it with water to make it into the scrub. I also love this company, it’s Canadian, out of the GTA (if not Toronto proper) and it is super reasonably priced. Will buy again.

Contact cases, will be in every month’s empties post.

Okay, so obviously not the actual empty because the point of shampoo and conditioner bars is that there isn’t anything left when you use it up, this is the replacement. I was using the Oat Wash shampoo bar from Plenty and Spare via The Kind Matter Company. I really liked it, but my hair has been a lot oilier since I moved up here so I’m trying out the Clairvoyant shampoo bar (which is the one in the picture above). I don’t know if it is really making a difference. It has been so hot, which makes me need to wash my hair a lot more often so I can’t tell.

Thanks for reading!


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