Reflections on 27

On my last birthday, when I turned 27, I journaled a huge reflections on 26 that was really fun to look back on this year and see that I had actually done a lot of the things I set out to do. So, today as I turn 28, I've been journaling my reflections on 27. … Continue reading Reflections on 27

Going Back to the Office

We were supposed to back into the office last Monday, it got cancelled the Friday before at the last minute because there was another change and now we aren't going back until September 7th. However, I got all prepped to go back in ("back" as if I have ever been there before); so I thought … Continue reading Going Back to the Office

Moving far, far away

So if you have been following along, you will know that I got a new job in Northwestern Ontario! (If you aren't in the loop, you can read all about it here). But this town is about a 19 hour drive straight from my parent's place in the Ottawa Valley, and nearly the exact same … Continue reading Moving far, far away

Mid-Week Procrastination

This hits differently now that I am employed again. Wednesday has more hope, structure, and less dread than it did while I was unemployed, but I'm writing this paragraph on Monday evening and when I woke up this morning I struggled hard. I was exhausted. I'm not sure if it's moving, starting work, quarantine, or … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination

Unemployed No More: I got a job!!

I've been applying for jobs for about a year now. Starting last March I was kind of lightly applying, like once a week or when I saw something that seemed really appealing, then over the summer I set a goal of applying to a job a day. I frequently didn't meet that goal, sometimes like … Continue reading Unemployed No More: I got a job!!

Obsessions: March 13

This will be going live while I hit the road to drive from my parents’ home in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario to a small town in Northwestern Ontario for a new job! I’m so excited to be employed again! I’m excited to start being able to work towards my financial goals again, to cook my … Continue reading Obsessions: March 13