Ulster Fry

Okay, so this has made me realize that this meal does not photograph well, but it is delicious and is a staple part of Northern Irish cuisine and culture. Firstly, a couple notes, this post is about the Ulster fry, there are huge regional differences in fry up breakfasts across the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, … Continue reading Ulster Fry

Soda Bread Success

Being the child of immigrants (or an Indigenous person, I'm learning) is being slightly disconnected from your birth culture. There are so many things that I can't connect to that people who were raised in their country just get. Recipes, however, travel well, and provide such a feeling of home and connection with your culture. … Continue reading Soda Bread Success

March in Review

This was a big month! I made posting here a priority, got a new job, moved across the province, quarantined and then got out of quarantine (getting out of quarantine is one of the best moments). I baked this pretty cake. I'm really wanting to master some of my family's traditional recipes. I don't know … Continue reading March in Review

Mid-Week Procrastination

This hits differently now that I am employed again. Wednesday has more hope, structure, and less dread than it did while I was unemployed, but I'm writing this paragraph on Monday evening and when I woke up this morning I struggled hard. I was exhausted. I'm not sure if it's moving, starting work, quarantine, or … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination