May State of The Union

I totally missed this post in April, I'm not sure what happened, but it must have been one of the many posts I missed during that month when I just got overwhelmed with work and life and sad that it was still winter. But we're back, baby. This is one of my worst performing posts, … Continue reading May State of The Union

Winter Self-Care Habits

I've never lived somewhere where the winters were this long (well in my memory, I'm sure when my parents lived in Steinbach, Manitoba, where I was born, the winters were this long). So many places are starting to see signs of spring, people had their legs out in New York on Saturday! South Carolina and … Continue reading Winter Self-Care Habits

Saturday Scroll

Happy weekend everyone! I am tackling Kitchen Week from Go Clean Co.'s Fall Cleaning Challenge. I may have to buy some paper towel for it, which I literally have not bought a roll of paper towel in years, I generally use reusable rags, but if my oven is as dirty as the ones on @GoCleanCo … Continue reading Saturday Scroll

Soda Bread Success

Being the child of immigrants (or an Indigenous person, I'm learning) is being slightly disconnected from your birth culture. There are so many things that I can't connect to that people who were raised in their country just get. Recipes, however, travel well, and provide such a feeling of home and connection with your culture. … Continue reading Soda Bread Success

Obsessions: July 17th

It was a busy week and I think I've finally figured out why I have been so tired the past couple weeks. It is HOT and humid but there is no rain in sight to break the heat or help calm down the wildfires. It's 31 degrees C here, which is about as hot as … Continue reading Obsessions: July 17th