May State of The Union

I totally missed this post in April, I’m not sure what happened, but it must have been one of the many posts I missed during that month when I just got overwhelmed with work and life and sad that it was still winter. But we’re back, baby. This is one of my worst performing posts, but it brings me a lot of joy to do this every month.

May Bucket List

  • Start my morning walk routine again
  • Finish my needlepoint headband
  • Jump in the water (it’s whackadoodle time)
  • Do something for May Long

May To-Do List

  • Re-arrange apartment (for the 80th time)
  • Rebuild my fitness routine
  • Clean out car
  • Clean out fridge
  • Buy more storage for WordPress

May Goals

  • Publish 5 blog posts a week
  • Buy jeans and the dress I want to wear to my cousin’s wedding
  • Play around with creating on social media

What I’m Watching


Daisy Jones and the Six

This list is basically the exact same as it was in March lol. Although I did finally finish Daisy Jones. I really enjoyed it, I think I enjoyed the book more. I really wanted the conversation between Daisy and Camila to be more like the one in the book. I found that Camila in the show seemed to be edited, when I would have expected to be more honest since she was the one that was dying (spoiler alert). It definitely was more obvious that they were all lying in the show than in the book. I liked believing that he never took a drink from the book.

What I’m Listening To


This toast recipe.

Half Baked Harvest’s: 20-Minute Thai Beef Rolls and Sheet Pan Spicy Ginger Sesame Beef and Broccoli

Spinach Artichoke Dip with cucumber slices

Day trips to Thunder Bay (although they are wayyy too expensive to become a regular occurrence).

I am so excited for the warm weather, for the impending summer, I cannot wait.

Have a great May!


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