A Week In Outfits

Last week’s high: Last week I was in Mishkeegogamang Ojibway Nation with work and it was such a good day. It’s one of the drive-in communities we serve and the drive was great and I have a special place in my heart for them because I spent so much time there during the pandemic, so it was nice to be back and actually get to see some of the people that I had spent so much time on Zoom or the phone with.

This week’s goal: This week I really want to focus back in on the core habits, the baseline, I think I may have been trying to add in too many things at once with the warm weather and got a little lost in the sauce. So this week it’s back to basics: morning walk, eating breakfast at home everyday, making coffee at home, vacuuming, cleaning the litter box, washing dishes and leaving the kitchen clean every night, and evening skin care. Those are my core foundation and everything else is extra.


What I did: Worked from the office, usual evening routine

What I wore: Blouse – Old – Reitman’s, Chinos – Old – Joe Fresh (similar), Loafers – Vionic


What I did: Went to the office, usual evening routine

What I wore: Dress – Old – Reitman’s (this year’s version here), Tights – Wal-Mart

What I did: Worked from the office, did a community clean up, actually did a proper work out in the evening

What I wore: Work shirt, Chinos – Old – Joe Fresh (similar)


What I did: Travelled to a drive-in community for work

What I wore: Scrub top – Figs, Jeans – Old – Reitman’s (they seem to have finally phased this style out, it was available for a looong time)


What I did: Worked from the office, had a very productive day despite being absolutely shattered.

What I wore: Bodysuit – Aritzia (halfway through the day I gave up on the snaps and just tucked it into the shorts I was wearing under the dress lol), Dress – Hill House Home (Gingham not available, but others are, and a new drop on Tuesday!)

Saturday and Sunday//

What I did: Saturday I was a complete slug, about 4 I decided I had to do something so I started to vacuum out my car and then my vacuum died. Sunday I was very productive, I cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, washed my sheets, dusted all my pictures, moved my table back inside from my deck and took my egg chair out to my deck (where I am writing this post from).

What I wore: T-shirt – Old – Joe Fresh, Shorts – Old – Joe Fresh.

Have a great week!


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