The Friday Edit: Vol. 15

This week I think it has finally started to hit me how much I have to prioritize my sleep. I am burning the candle from all sides for no real reason and it has to stop. It is impacting everything during the day and I have to be real with myself about it.

Weekend Reading//

For a while I’ve wanted to have a Disco Cowboy themed birthday party, and everyone is always like “What does that even mean?” when I say it, and now I can just direct them to BeyoncĂ©’s Renaissance tour.

Eight different budgeting techniques.

“Quiet luxury”

A first step to intuitive eating.

The Cannes Film Festival red carpet is my favourite red carpet of the year.

Summer date ideas.

One of the things I love the most about Lizzo is that she is undeniably fit, she sings (excellently), raps, plays the flute and dances for hours between rehearsals and performances. She also keeps a vegan diet, which can be healthy or unhealthy, of course. But she is prime example of health at every size. The fact that she can sing the way she sings and dance the way she dances proves that she is an athlete of the highest calibre.

Keith Urban unknowingly hard launching Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham is so funny to me.

On resenting yourself.

How to support a friend who gets laid off.

How to Spend a Layover in Paris.

YA book recommendations. I’m really intrigued by Admissions, a fictional account of one of the daughters of the college admissions scandal.

Carly wrote about her first time sewing a dress, I’m really intrigued by making my own clothes so I enjoyed this.

Solo travel destinations in the USA.

Catching Up//

This week on the blog I shared an update to my mid/plus-size nap dress review, my usual week in outfits, my May State of the Union, and some Recipe Inspiration.

Caught My Eye//

I’ve been really torn as to what my summer event shoe should be, I’m starting to lean towards these espadrilles because I think they will go with a ton of different outfits, dressed up and down.

I’m on the hunt for a white dress: this, this, or this.

After getting so much love on my shearling bucket hat this past winter I’m really tempted to get a woven one as a sun hat.

I’m in love with the Djerf Avenue Summer Collection, especially this tank, this top, and this skirt (launches May 23).

And I have so many things I’m in love with from the Hill House Home summer drop this past Tuesday and have not bought anything yet (be proud of me): this or this in the red and white stripe, this in both the blue and white and the white eyelet, this eyelet top and matching shorts, this dress, this halter dress that is screaming to be taken to Greece, and this flirty little sundress.

Weekly Media//

I’m still distractedly making my way through Supernatural, on Prime.

I have also recently discovered two new YouTubers: Michel Janse and Allana Davison. Which I’m loving because my YouTube algorithm was feeling very stale and like it didn’t know me at all.

I took a sick day on Thursday, this weather is prime migraine weather for me, and once my pain, nausea, and aura had subsided enough for me to sit up and watch TV I started rewatching The Hardy Boys, Disney+, which yes, is a kids’ show.

There won’t be a post on Monday for the long weekend, have a wonderful weekend!


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