Saturday Scroll: 05/13/22

I am so close to finishing this ^ but I ran out of thread, AGAIN, and while the thread itself is inexpensive, shipping to get it here was like $15, making the skein I just ordered a $20 skein, and I don't know if I can stomach that again, so it may have to wait … Continue reading Saturday Scroll: 05/13/22

Obsessions: July 17th

It was a busy week and I think I've finally figured out why I have been so tired the past couple weeks. It is HOT and humid but there is no rain in sight to break the heat or help calm down the wildfires. It's 31 degrees C here, which is about as hot as … Continue reading Obsessions: July 17th

Obsessions: June 26

Well I did not write blog posts for Thursday and Friday, I had every intention, but I should have known I would be too tired after each day of vaccine clinics to do anything besides the bare minimum of taking care of myself. And the power went out after this crazy wind/rain/hail storm on Wednesday … Continue reading Obsessions: June 26