Obsessions: June 26

Well I did not write blog posts for Thursday and Friday, I had every intention, but I should have known I would be too tired after each day of vaccine clinics to do anything besides the bare minimum of taking care of myself. And the power went out after this crazy wind/rain/hail storm on Wednesday night (like one of the hotel’s roofs blew off!) so that threw a spanner in the works.

This is also actually a surprisingly busy weekend, Pi Beta Phi’s virtual convention (it’s so weird to think that if the pandemic had never happened I would be in Arizona right now), and my high school friends and I are getting together for a 10 year high school reZoomion. I’m kind of glad there’s a pandemic to get out of that one! Also, I both completely can and completely cannot believe that it has been 10 years since high school.

Instagram Obsession: @itsmetinx

So I know that Tinx is more known for her TikTok, but I love her on Instagram, particularly on stories. She is so open and I really love how much time she spends “in the DMs” and her bi-weekly AMAs so that DMs that get buried can be asked in another format. She’s so open and seems to be really authentic to who she truly is.

TV obsession: Blindspot

So I know I am late to the party with this but I love a TV show with 4+ seasons that is cancelled or wrapped so that I can get to the end and never have to wait for an episode, it is the perfect thing for evening and rainy day watching. Also, I know absolutely nothing about this show and have zero spoilers, so I’m really looking forward to being surprised by it!

Podcast Obsession: Bad on Paper

I am really loving Bad on Paper the past few months, I think it may have reached the level of my current favourite and it’s definitely the only one that makes me look forward to the day of the week (Wednesday) that it is released on. They had Elin Hilderbrand on this week, one of the most prolific “beach-read” writers in North America and she was such a joy to listen to. She also completely fed into my yearning for a trip to Nantucket.

I also actually enjoy the intros and outros of their episodes and never get annoyed (and I may have taken the idea for an “Obsessions” post from their outro!).

Random obsession: Travel

Okay, I know that this is the most basic thing, and I know that I was only on a plane for work, but it has me itching to get back out into the world. I think between that I should be in Phoenix right now if it wasn’t for COVID and tentatively planning on going to my cousin’s wedding in England in August (with an obvious hop to Northern Ireland to see my grandparents), I am so beyond ready to get out of Canada!

Random Obsession: A Touch of the Beat Gets You Out and Then into the Sun – Aly and AJ

This will be a throwback artist for my fellow middle-millenials. Aly and AJ Michalka were the it sisters of the mid-noughties. In all the Disney films, music filling the Disney commercial breaks. I bet you would still be pumped up if Potential Break Up Song came on the radio, especially the new explicit version. But this new album is so beautiful, so fun, I don’t know if I want to get married, but if I do, Slow Dancing will be my first dance song. A truly superb comeback album.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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