Mid-Week Procrastination

This feels kind of ironic to write this week as this week I do not need anything to get me through the week as a) Monday was a holiday for me and b) today I am heading up to one of the communities we serve, North Spirit Lake First Nation, to help with youth vaccine clinics up there for the next two days. I’m really looking forward to actually getting to see and experience one of the communities we serve. It’s one thing to read about the community you work with and actually getting to see it. In most public health organizations you are in the community you serve, whereas we are adjacent and removed from it.

Also that cover photo isn’t bad for being from 2014 from an iPhone 4, I got reminded of my time in Milan below and wanted to include a photo just cause. Also was my first Aperol spritz! I never would have imagined then how trendy they would become as a drink then.

So I’m really excited about that, and as always I’m excited to put this post together because I love reading and sourcing all these articles and videos. Media consumption is one of my favourite things.

I really liked this piece from Grace about how to make friends as an adult.

An interview with the creators of a really cool sounding new hiking clothes brand called Hikerkind, they are aiming to combine function and fashion and get away from the “shrink it and pink it” idea behind most brand’s women’s outdoors clothing.

An article from the student paper at Syracuse re: yesterday’s post about classism in fashion.

Cluttercore x Coastal Chic is as close as I have come to defining my interior design style. Screw minimalism, I want to see peoples’ lives, loves, and favourite things all over their homes.

I really want to do a giant Madewell shopping spree, I just love almost everything they put out, including this gingham top.

This is going on next week’s meal planning list.

How early should you actually be at the airport in a COVID-lingering world.

This was something we talked about a lot in the vet clinic when I worked there (hard to believe it has been more than 6 months since I worked there, omg!) was what are these people going to do with their animals when the world goes back? They aren’t thinking about having to get up to walk the dog at 6am when they were out at a wedding or a bar until 2am, or needing to get a pet sitter for vacations, or even just a night away, having to make dinner plans around feeding the dog or it’s nightly bathroom trip, having guests over who might be scared or allergic of pets. How many of these animals will end up back in a shelter after the pandemic is over? For those of us who work(ed) in vet med that is the question, not if they will end up back in a shelter, but how many?

Edit: I don’t agree with Northwesterners going into other countries and invading their food sources or unregulated importation of pets from other countries. There are many documented cases of these animals particularly dogs, importing rabies, parasites, and other infectious diseases that have the potential to become epidemics (the national version of a pandemic). If these rescues go through the proper channels and get legitimate medical testing done BEFORE importation, then we can talk.

The prettiest laundry room I ever did see

I would absolutely die to go to Nantucket.

I took a scan through the Instagram comments on The Cut’s post about this article and whew it is definitely a minority opinion to not like working from home. And it’s not that I dislike working from home, I just really, really miss having a work best friend, eating lunch with people, having company, reading body language, and how the heck am I supposed to make friends without an institution to assist me??

I did not expect to like this makeover, I’m still not certain about the rug with the wall paper and I would definitely have put the couch on the back wall to leave it feeling more open to the kitchen but I really loved this makeover. And I love that their series my rental reno is back, because it’s another light at the end of the COVID-tunnel sign!

I didn’t Milan as a tourist destination when I was there, but it is where I made the most notes about what the women were wearing and this Instagrammer agrees with me.

I don’t have any vacation days, new contract workers don’t get them at my place of employment. Obviously, I am not a fan. So yeah, I think we all deserve more vacation.

I’m not certain if I’ll get blog posts up on Thursday or Friday, but I’m going to try!

Have a great rest of your week,


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