Current Needlepoint Covets

I have very recently gotten back into needlepointing with all of my current downtime, and that has me revisiting my current list of needlepoint related items I am lusting after. So far, the only items I have bought are new stretcher bars and a scroll frame (for really big canvases). Penny Linn Designs - Berger … Continue reading Current Needlepoint Covets

Late Summer Needlepoint

Late summer is in my opinion, second only to the holidays for best season to needlepoint. It is so hot, and you have done most of your summer things and just want to sit by the water or in the air conditioning and stitch. Some of these are canvases I have in my stash, I … Continue reading Late Summer Needlepoint

Obsessions: July 17th

It was a busy week and I think I've finally figured out why I have been so tired the past couple weeks. It is HOT and humid but there is no rain in sight to break the heat or help calm down the wildfires. It's 31 degrees C here, which is about as hot as … Continue reading Obsessions: July 17th

Obsessions: June 5

Y'all it is hot and sticky. It's that kind of heat where you only want to eat popsicles and Free-Zees and not move. I'm also dealing with a serious flying beetle and ant situation in my apartment so if anyone has any tips, I'm going to buy some Raid when I go grocery shopping tomorrow, … Continue reading Obsessions: June 5