Late Summer Needlepoint

Late summer is in my opinion, second only to the holidays for best season to needlepoint. It is so hot, and you have done most of your summer things and just want to sit by the water or in the air conditioning and stitch.

Some of these are canvases I have in my stash, I have a massive threads order coming from Cindy’s Needle Art in Toronto that I am super excited about so I’ll actually be able to stitch some of the canvases I bought last year and then I have kits that I just bought.

Currently stitching:

This is already stitching up so cute, I think it’s going to get finished as an ornament and that I’ll stitch the border into a circle to make it nice and easy, maybe try a little self-finishing?

I am so excited for this one, it will 100% be next. I also love that the kit comes with everything you need to finish it and the instructions. The ones I’ve seen finished on social media are so cute!

This is just the cutest, summeriest canvas I have and have seen. I love it so much. I am so excited for my threads order to come in so that I can start on this one. I’m not certain how I’m going to finish this one because it is a lot bigger than I expected. It’s pillow-sized, but I’m not sure I would like this as a pillow.

This is another one that I am waiting on threads for, I ordered for it in February and got them, but the background blue colour that I got is not right. So I went to the lovely community of the NDLPT Nation Facebook group, got some recommendations and have one of their suggestions in my Cindy’s order. I have already completed the text, waves, and the sun, just in need to do the background and then find a sunglass case finisher, and get up the courage to send a finished canvas through the mail. Also, Morgan Julia canvases just scream summer to me.

Now into the canvases I want but do not have:

I adore this Morgan Julia canvas, I would love it as a pillow on a white couch or my bed.

I also have been wanting this Morgan Julia canvas to have on my desk as my out-of-office sign if/when we ever go back to the office.

Rudy (aka @rudytheprep) has a collection of canvases at Lycette Designs that I cannot wait to launch, in particular I like the “I’d enjoy the day more if it started later” and “Summer is a verb” canvases.

I also need to prioritize some finishing, my stitched canvas pile is growing and it seems pointless to stitch stuff and never do anything with it.

What are you stitching?


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