Obsessions: July 24

I’m down in Thunder Bay for the weekend and it’s fully hitting me how much I miss city life. Walking every where, working in coffee shops, getting take out and walking down to the water to eat, BOOKSTORES, actually being able to get everything on your shopping list. I’m not hating living in Sioux Lookout, but holy heck it is nice to have access to everything and people watch.

This week’s cover photo is the view out of the community centre/ current COVID-19 assessment centre at Eabametoong First Nation.

Instagram Obsession: Paige DeSorbo

I love Paige so much, I was introduced to her through Summer House and I think she is so fun and that her style is so cool. It’s not me at all lol but she looks so good in it! She stretches my comfort zones around clothing and I love that.

Also she’s doing a bit more home content at the moment because she moved recently and I’m OBSESSED with her apartment. Again, very different from the direction I’m planing, but so beautiful!

TV/Movie Obsession:

I actually don’t think I watched any TV or movies this week. I watched some YouTube, but I can’t think of a single TV show or movie I watched this week! That’s so weird for me! I’m thinking about going to see Black Widow tonight at the movie theatres here if it’s still available!

Podcast Obsession: This Podcast Will Kill You

I started listening to this show when I was in grad school as a study aid for my infectious diseases and zoonotic diseases courses. I love Erin and Erin so much! They are such nerds and have so much fun with science. The way they geek out over bacteria, fungi, viruses, and epidemiology brings me back to being in school and having so much fun learning!

Random Obsession 1: Tomlin

I ate here for dinner last night and it was SO GOOD. I’ve had lamb maybe twice in my life and this was so delicious, and the veggies were so good and I don’t even really like raw tomatoes!

I got the lamb chops, Sarah’s brownie, and the blueberry cocktail

Random Obsession 2: Chapters/Indigo/Bookstores

I had so much fun in Chapters last night, I had been thinking about doing an order for a couple months now but kept putting it off and I am so glad I did. I probably bought 10 or 11 books. It was so fun!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


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