Mid-Week Procrastination

I pushed this to Thursday for my birthday yesterday, I hope you don’t mind. I’m really excited for this weekend, we are finally allowed to go to Thunder Bay without self-isolating on return (per work, not the government) and I am going to go to Chapters! and Michaels! and a good Farmer’s Market! and eat in a restaurant! AHH, it will be so great just to be somewhere different. Oh and I’m going to work IN a coffee shop. God I miss the city.

Minneapolis is the closest major U.S. city to me here, and I really want to go visit it when it is safe to do so; I will definitely be following Carly’s guide.

We’ve been heavy on the Gossip Girl content lately with the reboot; but this list of projects that they original cast of the show have done since will definitely inform my next rainy day streaming.

We’ve also been heavy on the lonely and how to make friends content. It’s nice to know that other people are just as unsure as I am about life post-pandemic. There’s a line at the end of that loneliness interview about how loneliness is a universal feeling, but we all believe we are the only person experiencing it – I’ve been noticing “human-ness” a lot more lately and that really hit that brainwave.

Only Dolly can look this great in a Playboy costume at 75!

I do truly think that we are going to have to learn to live with COVID-19. I don’t mean abandon all precautions now, but it is going to be part of our lives forever; so how do we do that?

One of my favourite bloggers Carly Riordan, wrote a book! It’s called Business Minded and I do really think that she is one of the savviest bloggers in the biz and I can’t wait to read it!

On dressing while fat.

And on body image during pregnancy, when you are supposedly “glowing” and at your most beautiful.

An interview with the creator of Roadrunner, the Anthony Bourdain biopic that I am so excited to watch. He’s also the man behind, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, the beautiful biopic of Mr. Rogers.

An interview with the creator of Bala. I love my Bala bangles and this company has the best customer service team I have ever experienced. They were so incredibly wonderful when the contents of my package were stolen out of the Memphis shipping depot.

Does everything need to look beautiful? No but it doesn’t hurt, so the pretty #picniccore trend has totally reignited my desire for a picnic basket just like my mom’s with the gingham lining and cute blanket.

Twilight is back on Netflix, which means it’s time for the millenials to react to it again. God it’s a heinous movie.

I am dying to go back to New York. But I’ll content myself with reading travel guides for now.

I love Jennifer Coolidge so much, have since I first watched that Hilary Duff movie A Cinderella Story (I need to watch tat ASAP).

I want every piece of each of these gingham outfits.

Have a great rest of your week!


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