Still Mourning Events

I feel like this summer, particularly June and July, we really started to see places, especially Alberta and the USA going back to their lifestyles pre-pandemic. I don't really feel like that has been the case in Ontario, especially not for me. I should have attended a beautiful wedding in the English countryside last week, … Continue reading Still Mourning Events

Going Back to the Office

We were supposed to back into the office last Monday, it got cancelled the Friday before at the last minute because there was another change and now we aren't going back until September 7th. However, I got all prepped to go back in ("back" as if I have ever been there before); so I thought … Continue reading Going Back to the Office

Mid-Week Procrastination: Travel bitterness, being “nice”, NFTs, and hiking

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a good week so far and that it's not one of those short weeks that feels like an extra long week for you. And if you are reading this from outside Canada or because it's not actually a stat holiday on Monday and you had to work Monday, … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: Travel bitterness, being “nice”, NFTs, and hiking