May in Review

May may have become my favourite month of the year. Everything is coming back to life, including me. The weather has gotten so good, people are back to being out and about, the lilacs are blooming and life is just good. The water is still too cold, but summer is just beginning. I went down … Continue reading May in Review

May Favourites

I think May might be my favourite month, at least up here. It is the month that spring finally makes it's appearance up here and if I enjoy anything about up here it's that once warm weather really makes it's appearance it comes so quickly. Like we get about three weeks of spring and then … Continue reading May Favourites

April Theory

If you aren't on TikTok, you may not be familiar with two things 1) April Theory and 2) the way "theories" abound on TikTok. I don't know if they really, technically count as theories. Although the definition of theory is "a system of ideas intended to explain something" (Google), so I guess maybe technically all … Continue reading April Theory

Friday Favorites: Spy TV and fresh fruit

I am so tired this week, I think all the pet sitting, working, work travel, program planning, are hitting me like a ton of bricks and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I also have to be up very early this morning, and the me writing this in advance is very nervous I'll … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Spy TV and fresh fruit

Spring Cream Tea

Growing up my mum would sometimes just make scones for a treat, but an afternoon tea is one of my favourite treats, and there is something about them that just screams spring. I didn't do a full afternoon tea, normally you would have a sandwich course, a scone, and a cake. I eliminated the cake … Continue reading Spring Cream Tea

Friday Favorites: Afternoon breezes and afternoon tea

I don't know which of us is more excited that we can sometimes open the windows in the afternoon. I am still out of the house pet sitting, but I go home everyday to take care of my wee beast and I've been opening the windows to let the stale winter air out. This week … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Afternoon breezes and afternoon tea

Spring Needlepoint Canvases

This is one of my favourite posts to put together. I love shopping, but I cannot afford nor do I have space to buy everything that I see that is pretty and I would want, so putting together these types of posts allows me to browse and share what I like without needing to buy … Continue reading Spring Needlepoint Canvases

Friday Favorites: Spring and croissants

This week I have not been able to focus on a single task. I am taking 3 days off next week, I'll still be pet sitting so I won't be going anywhere, but I am looking forward to sleeping in and resting those days. Social Media Favourite: Carla Rockmore I've been seeing Carla's TikToks for … Continue reading Friday Favorites: Spring and croissants

Spring Wardrobe Wants

I may be far too early on this for where I live, and how short the transitional seasons seem to be where I live, but the days are getting longer every day, the sun actually feels warm on your skin, and I am in need of hope that the days of cute clothes are coming. … Continue reading Spring Wardrobe Wants

Mid-Week Procrastination: Travel bitterness, being “nice”, NFTs, and hiking

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a good week so far and that it's not one of those short weeks that feels like an extra long week for you. And if you are reading this from outside Canada or because it's not actually a stat holiday on Monday and you had to work Monday, … Continue reading Mid-Week Procrastination: Travel bitterness, being “nice”, NFTs, and hiking