May Favourites

I think May might be my favourite month, at least up here. It is the month that spring finally makes it’s appearance up here and if I enjoy anything about up here it’s that once warm weather really makes it’s appearance it comes so quickly. Like we get about three weeks of spring and then it’s summer. We are going from the low teens to the high twenties basically overnight. I’m so excited.


Rare Beauty Mascara

Moleskine notebooks

The hydrangea plant I’ve kept alive for almost 7 weeks (a personal best, plant-wise)

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer

Topicals Ingrown Hair AHA and BHA Serum

This Old Navy Pyjama set (blue and white stripe is sold out)


Aly and A.J.’s album With Love From

Zinadelphia’s song Cosmos

Ms. Poli Sci by Paul Russell and Khary

Coastal Club’s song Honey

Buffy the Vampire Slayer I have recently watched both the movie and restarted the show. The movie is quite terrible, it seems very weird to me that Joss Wheddon is responsible for both this terrible movie and an incredible show. It’s so bad, it’s almost camp. Both are on Disney+.

Supernatural – I am finally nearly through all 150000 seasons of Supernatural and I have no clue how they are going to end it. Amazon Prime.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. I’m still only part way through this book, but I am surprised by how much I’m enjoying it given that video games are a central theme.


This parmesan orzo with lemon butter chicken meatballs. It’s so good, and decently easy.

Needlepointing in my egg chair on the deck in the sun.


This is a new and potentially not recurring segment, but I have one this month and hopefully this is far enough down in the post that casual readers won’t get this far.

I have this list of things that I want to experiment with before I turn 30. One of the things on that list is a Brazilian wax. I’ve gotten a bikini wax before and I didn’t hate it, I never went back, but I didn’t hate it. But I wanted to try a Brazilian and I detest it. It was so painful and I have reacted so terribly to it. I followed all the after-care instructions. I exfoliated, I moisturized and my skin is a mess. I’m never doing it again. I haven’t even gotten to experience the good part that is allegedly smooth skin. It would be one thing if it was excruciatingly painful for 20 minutes and then 24-28 hours later you’re all smooth and dandy that would be tolerable. But this has just been awful.

And it was expensive! And I get why but like $80 for pain and suffering and a month of itchiness. Never again.

Don’t forget your sunblock!


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