The Friday Edit: Vol. 16

This Past Week//

This was a short workweek in Canada thanks to Victoria Day (also known as May 2-4 or May Long, depending on where in the country you are) and I really felt it. Monday I tidied up my apartment, finished stitching a needlepoint, and had some Monday Scaries. Then the rest of the week is just a blur, I’m definitely feeling the time crunch. But I’m spending the last half of the week up north and it is stunning. The lakes are all melted (although the water is still ice cold) and the air temperatures are rising and the sun is out and this is when Northern Ontario literally shines.

Weekend Reading//

This Sofia Coppola coffee table book just made my birthday present shortlist.

I am in love with Carly’s home renovation. The pink living room! The navy bookcases!

I enjoyed this interview with Tinx, ostensibly about her book, but really more so getting into the person behind the influencer.

Tips to make friends in a new city.

The Bachelor for seniors is actually happening.

I would love for Anne Hathaway to do one of those Vogue “My Life in Looks” videos, but in the meantime this round up of red carpet looks will do.

How did restaurants get so loud? The real mystery is why are they so dark??

I meant to include this last week, but I love that Martha Stewart is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

“Overconsumption is an unchecked coping mechanism” oof.

Catching Up//

It’s a short list this week, I took Monday off because it was a long weekend and then I ran out of time for a Wednesday post.

May Favourites.

A Week-ish in Outfits.

Caught My Eye//

This raffia tennis bag with racket pocket.

Knock-off Loewe flower sunglasses.

The internet-famous clear Cal-Pack toiletries case.

This lilac leather toiletries case (can you tell I’m on the hunt for a new toiletries case).

Weekly Media//

I watched the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie on the weekend. It was awful. But it made me want to watch the show again, because it is so good, so I’m back on the Buffy train. I’m also excited to watch Angel because I’ve never actually finished it, it got taken off Netflix last time I watched it. The last episode I saw was the one where Cordelia gets stuck in the sun (????).

Other than that I haven’t been watching or reading that much. This week feels like I don’t have enough time for things. Like I get home, change, clean the litterbox, vacuum, take out the trash, work out, feed the cat, make dinner, wash dishes, tidy the kitchen and it’s 10pm and I haven’t sat down except to eat yet. It doesn’t feel sustainable.

Have a great weekend!


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