Friday Favorites: Spring and croissants

This week I have not been able to focus on a single task. I am taking 3 days off next week, I’ll still be pet sitting so I won’t be going anywhere, but I am looking forward to sleeping in and resting those days.

Social Media Favourite: Carla Rockmore

I’ve been seeing Carla’s TikToks for a while now, probably close to a year, but I could never remember her name (sorry!), but then she showed up in my Instagram suggested feed and it was an instant follow. She’s a Canadian living in Texas and she has the best style. It’s so fun, colourful, and thoughtful. But she also clearly knows fashion and clothing and she does an amazing job of explaining why she is choosing each piece. She reminds me a bit of Blair Eadie, or maybe given their ages, Blair reminds me of her, but either way they both really embrace colour and it’s so cool to see.

Also her closet is total goals.

Movie/TV Favourite:

I don’t have one this week, I did watch some of this 9/11 documentary, but I could not tell you anything about it, except what I already knew about 9/11 from living in America at the time. I couldn’t focus on it.

Podcast Favourite: Maintenance Phase: Jordan Peterson Parts 1 & 2

This was fascinating. Jordan Peterson is a terrible person, I say that unequivocally, and he has spread a lot of terrible and false information all over the internet, on podcasts, and in his book. But I really feel for the guy after hearing this episode. It’s ironic that a man who denigrates sympathy and empathy all the time has so much of mine, and the hosts’.

Random Favourite 1: Croissants

The grocery store in my town has a great bakery, but they don’t sell croissants. I went to Dryden last weekend, I really needed a trip to Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, etc. and those are only in Dryden. So while I was in Safeway, I impulse bought a box of croissants and I enjoyed them so much. So nice.

Random Favourite 2: The Weather

It’s only been at most 6 degrees Celsius this week, but it was great to just experience temperatures above 0. It’s made the roads a miserable mess, but I am so excited and cannot wait for it to clear up and get warmer. My mood got so much better immediately, I didn’t even notice, I don’t normally check the weather every day, but I took the trash out and I was so pleasantly surprised. It’s been snowing but it hasn’t been sticking and it’s just so thrilling.

An extra because I’m in love with this song:

Have a great weekend,


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