Saturday Scroll: 03/19/22

I hope you’ve had a good weekend. All I want to do is sleep this weekend. I’m pet sitting a puppy so I won’t be sleeping in, but I’m hoping there will be options for a couple naps. Oh and I’m going to make waffles, really only because I have buttermilk to use up, but it’s still fun.

Three businesswomen share how they funded their businesses.

I ended up on manifestation TikTok this week, and it felt weird, so this article about it was an interesting read.

I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or something else, but I’m just wanting to wear makeup, do my hair, wear perfume.

How to read more.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been to Paris twice, both times my favorite neighborhood was Montmartre. Next time, I’ll be following Meghan’s guide, because I’ve never actually known what anything was there.

Why are there so many Russian oligarchs in London?

Nora Ephron’s favourite cookbooks.

This Hudson home looks like it got picked up by a tornado in England and dropped in New York.

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my kitchen table for a while, so I’ve been looking for inspiration all over the internet.

I was doing my annual review this week and I got really peeved by one of the questions. It was asking you to rank yourself based on how good you are at being energized by working with people, by engaging with people, so I ranked myself on it because I had to, but then in the comments section I popped off a bit about how the question seemed to be judging introverts for being introverts, so again this week the internet was very timely with this piece.

Jenna Lyons apartment is just as cool and stylish as you would expect from a fashion legend.

My burnout is definitely hitting a personal high, but at this point in the pandemic are we thinking about burnout wrong? Or is it just still pandemic fatigue?

I don’t always love these “Nights out with…” that The Cut does, but Aly and A.J. lived up to all my expectations.

This is the first year since Heavenly Bodies that I have been excited about the Met Gala hosts.

How to do a digital detox.

Have a restful weekend,


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