Go Clean Co. Cleaning Challenge

The Go Clean Co. Spring Cleaning Challenge starts today! There is no social media person, no challenge, no technique(s) that I have been exposed to on social media that has influenced me as strongly as Sarah, the face and founder of Go Clean Co. They are a Calgary-based house-cleaning company that pivoted to social media in a manner so successful that it should be studied by Harvard Business Review. Sarah has become a bona fide cleaning influencer.

In general, I cannot recommend following @GoCleanCo on Instagram enough, the knowledge that Sarah shares is invaluable to learning how to really deep-clean your space, and their stories are a buffet of satisfying cleaning videos.

But getting back to the spring cleaning challenge, in the spring and fall they do a Cleaning Challenge, I lightly participated last spring, but I had just moved into my new apartment and my landlords had done a good job of cleaning between tenants, so I didn’t really have any decluttering or deep cleaning to do. However, the fall cleaning challenge; unbelievable, life-changing, superb. It doesn’t even matter if you win or not (although that would be cool), because your home will be a new space. Things that you thought were permanently stained will be clean. Literally, I thought my baseboard heaters were grey, the fall challenge taught me they were white. I was shook.

I did not do a great job of taking before and after pictures for this challenge, I have made an Instagram highlight that you could check out if you felt inclined (@lauracaeris), although I also didn’t do an amazing job there.

But go get your box of powdered tide, bleach, and spin mop and get at it.

Although I have to say, that I will not be doing the challenge live, most likely, anyways, because I am pet sitting basically through to the end of April, but I will be doing the cleaning, it is just such an amazing set up for the new season. And I have way more furniture now than I did when the fall cleaning challenge was going on.

Happy cleaning!


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