A Week-ish in Outfits

I did a lot better with the outfit picks this week! I only missed one day, I also apparently had no clue what day it was any day this week. I was convinced that I started pet sitting on Friday, which that was the first full day, but it was definitely Thursday.

Also, I can’t figure out what is about homes or people who live in this town, but not one of them has a full-length mirror. I know (it’s obvious) that fashion isn’t really a priority for most of the residents, but I do not understand what is up with the lack of floor length mirrors, it’s weird. I did remember that I own a little bluetooth camera trigger so I’ll be using that for the next few weeks.

High: The weather. It has gotten above 0 every day this week, the snow is really melting, I’ll be able to see into intersections soon. It has been so nice, and my mood has made an incredible upturn. If I do a second winter here, the UV lamps and vitamin D supplementation are going to be crucial.

Low: Pet sitting. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the extra income. I love getting to see what other people have in their kitchen and try out other kitchen appliances (the house I’m in right now has the Vitamix counter-top compost maker which I am both scared and psyched to try). But I am so ready to not do this anymore. It’s not worth it to me anymore, missing out on social events, not being home, the extra work. It’s just not providing more value than effort anymore. I am grateful that it’s helped me do a complete 180 on my financial health, but once my currently booked jobs are done, so am I.

Monday //

What I did: work from home, unpack from previous pet sitting job, clean the apartment.

What I wore: Dress – Amazon the Drop – Grace Atwood’s collection – old, Tights – Snag, Slippers – L.L. Bean (I think I’m going to have to replace mine before next winter, but they lasted a good 2 years of near constant wear – thanks Mr. Pandemic).


What I did: work from home

What I wore: Blouse – Talbots – old, Jeans – Madewell, Slippers – L.L. Bean


What I did: work from home, made soda bread and an Ulster fry

What I wore: Joe Fresh set – old, slippers – L.L. Bean


What I did: work from home, start new pet sitting job

What I wore: camel sweater – old – Talbots, blue check pants – old – H&M, slippers – L.L. Bean


No picture, honestly I don’t even remember what I wore

What I did: work from home, pet sitting, walking the dog, post office run, and coffee run x2

Saturday and Sunday//

What I did: pet sitting, laundry, groceries, puppy play date, read, cleaned, made waffles.

What I wore: t-shirt – Dex – old, leggings – Lululemon

If you have any recommendations for trousers, I’ve been wanting to try out wearing more trousers, I also need “in-between” shoes. We still have a crap ton of snow, road sand everywhere, snow melt, puddles, and ice all over the sidewalks, trails, and roads, so I’m not sure what to wear. I’m leaning towards white Chucks or Supergas for proper spring, and then brown Birkenstocks and my beloved platform raffia Keds for summer, but I want options. I feel like it’s a pandemic effect, we saw it on the runways and throughout fashion history, but after periods of hardship the fashions tend to get really elaborate and fancy. And I have to be realistic about my life as my fashion evolves, but I also just want to have fun with clothes again.


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