Friday Favorites: Spy TV and fresh fruit

I am so tired this week, I think all the pet sitting, working, work travel, program planning, are hitting me like a ton of bricks and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I also have to be up very early this morning, and the me writing this in advance is very nervous I’ll sleep in, which means, I probably won’t sleep very well Thursday night because I will be nervous that I’ll oversleep.

Social Media Favorite: Anna Page @annawpage

Anna’s apartment is literally my dream apartment. It is so gorgeous, it’s like a modern traditional, clean maximalist style, just so pretty and cozy looking. I also really like her personal style, but her apartment is just, stunning.

Movie/TV Favorite: Treadstone (on Prime)

I don’t feel like I can recommend this show because it got cancelled after one season and the ending is so unsatisfying because of it. It ends on such a cliffhanger, clearly setting up a second season, but then it got cancelled so we have no clue where it goes from here.

But if you are okay with a story unfinished then, this is based off the Jason Bourne story, covering the CIA’s project that resulted in Bourne; Treadstone, the KGB’s version of it Cicada. I started it hoping for something light and ended up with an international espionage conspiracy theory in English, Korean, German, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and Hindi involving hit-people, weapons trading, corporate and government corruption, and North Korea’s penchant for warheads.

It took a while to get in to, I wasn’t really paying attention at first, but as it went on it was really fascinating. It went back in time to the start of the Cicada program in East Germany and other locations behind the Iron Curtain, and to current day as the “cicadas” are starting to be woken up. It definitely doesn’t have the pizzazz of the Bourne series but it was decent.

Podcast Favorite: Bad on Paper

I don’t think I’ve talked about Bad on Paper since Grace left and Olivia replaced her as co-host with Becca. It’s definitely different now, Olivia and Becca don’t have years of history the way Grace and Becca did, so they are getting to know each other as we get to know the new dynamic. But it is still really enjoyable, I really enjoyed this week’s travel planning episode, especially since I was doing some travel planning of my own this week.

Random Favorite 1: Raspberries

These are so expensive, but raspberries have become my current obsession food. I eat them with my oatmeal for breakfast, as a side with my lunch, just to munch on, they are so good. And I’m glad to have an obsession food that is healthy lol.

Random Favorite 2: Low screen time

I don’t know if this is truly a good thing as it is a product of how much I’ve been working the past two weeks, but my screen time was under an hour per day last week and is under 2 hours per day this week (only on my phone, I use PCs, and am on a computer all day for work). But I am kind of proud of this extreme low.

Here’s to a weekend of sleep.


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