Spring Wardrobe Wants

I may be far too early on this for where I live, and how short the transitional seasons seem to be where I live, but the days are getting longer every day, the sun actually feels warm on your skin, and I am in need of hope that the days of cute clothes are coming.

I am also really excited about the trends that I’m seeing, more classic and preppy style seems to be returning again this year, tennis skirts and dress, cute sneakers, feminine dresses, and trousers and I’m so excited.

Early spring is still very cold here, so cute jackets will have a short season but this red and white striped one is adorable. It kind of reminds me of this little red cropped jacket I wore in high school, I lent it to a friend and she kindly washed it, but it shrunk a ton, I used to wear little jackets like this all the time. This may sound weird, but I don’t know if it’s that the 2000s are trending, but I’m drawn back to the way I used to dress. Which I don’t know how to feel about because my body was very different back then (although I was just as insecure about it). And then this adorable gingham crop top, I cannot believe I have a crop top on my wishlist, but with a pair of high waisted jeans? Or high waisted wide leg trousers, in white maybe? The other tops on my list are just a refresh of my t-shirts, I would also love a blue and white striped button down (like maybe this AYR one?), and a replacement for my blue and white striped lightweight sweater that I had to get rid of last spring because it was done. But I haven’t found one that seems the same yet.

Next is dresses, I am so pumped to wear dresses with bare legs again! I have already ordered this Ophelia dress from Hill House, and then I would really like the navy Ellie and the black Ellie, especially now that they have pockets! I can particularly see the navy Ellie layered over a white button down, maybe a white button down body suit? And then I love this blue and white stripe shirtdress, I had kind of forgotten about J. Crew Factory, and then Brooke, @ThePerennialPrepster on Instagram, shared some of their stuff on Instagram and I now have a full cart. And then this white shirtdress is so beautiful, and I think it might be work appropriate. And this blue and white floral dress is so gorgeous, maybe for a wedding? although it may be too white?

Jeans. I have also gotten back into wearing jeans frequently and I am also glad that straight leg and flare jeans are back in style. I like having a variety of jean styles in my wardrobe, and I think I suit flare jeans best (although skinny jeans will always reign supreme in the winter so long as I live somewhere that requires snow boots). So I have some straight leg jeans options (these Abercrombie ones are TikTok famous and I want to see what the fuss is about, although they are always sold out). And flare options, I’m uncertain about the wash on these A&F ones, but I do really like these Pilcro ones. And Pilcro jeans are super comfortable.

Cardigans. Cardigans are a spring and summer essential for me, especially if we ever go back into the office. They allow me to wear my cute sleeveless blouses without freezing. I have this J. Crew factory cardigan in my cart in navy, white, and black. I used to have several cardigans in my wardrobe, but they got gross and haven’t been replaced and need to be.

I don’t have that many skirts in my various carts, just this cute button down one!

Shoes. I have been slowly adjusting my shoe collection over time, less Payless and more supportive, comfortable, quality shoes. Although, none of these are super expensive, these are all styles I noticed last year and want. Although the Converse are again shoes that I wore in high school and want again. They are the most practical of these three. The raffia heels and the blue gingham heels I saw last year and wanted and still want now. And again, how did I forget about J. Crew Factory?? Oh and I love these scallop? wave? I’m not certain, leather pumps. I just need to figure out how to get Tuckernuck to Canada.

Earrings. Earrings have always been my favourite jewelry, although they are considerably harder to wear with masks. I love these closed back pearl hoops, closed loops are essential for taking masks on and off. And I saw these big raffia earrings on @SimplyElsa last year and loved them then. And then I love these blue and white hoops, they remind me a bit of these Sarah Vickers for KJP earrings I have and love (and are a big part of my spring and summer wardrobe).

A sunhat, I want to really step up my sun protection this year, so this hat will serve dual purposes of letting me live my most extra life.

I also want to step up my hair game, including hair styling and accessories. When the original Gossip Girl was airing I fully channelled Blair Waldorf with headbands and fancy tights. It took me longer to come around to the puffy headbands, but I am here for this raffia one.

And this bag!! The shape, the pearls, the wicker, I am in love. I have been working a ton of overtime lately and I think I may use some of it if on this, again if I can figure out how to get Tuckernuck into Canada.

And my usual disclaimer, I will not be buying all of these items, I cannot afford them all, nor do I need all of these things. We are still in various stages of lockdowns and are not fully back to normal life, and I live in a small town where fancy clothes are not much needed, no matter how much I may love them. I will use these as inspiration, try to keep them in mind when I go to Winnipeg or Thunder Bay and use them for inspiration, and buy some select pieces directly from this list. Also, I typically wear my spring clothes into the summer, just maybe with shorts, skorts, and skirts in place of jeans and trousers.

Although if I do figure out how to ship things from companies that don’t ship to Canada my financial goals will likely slip my mind for a moment.

Here’s to spring!


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