Travel Dreaming

I really really want to travel again this year, my last trip was in January 2020, and it was a “work trip”, for my then-volunteer job, and before that it was New York City in August 2018, and I have the itch.

Northern Ireland

Really this is Ireland and the UK, as I would also like to go see my best cousin friend and she now lives in England. And it is typically a lot easier, and typically cheaper, to fly in to Dublin than into Belfast from North America. But I would really like to go see my family this year, it has been far too long since I have seen my cousins and my grandparents.

I would also like to see what they call the “Ancient East” of Ireland, it’s really the only part I still haven’t see, besides the Aran Irelands and Donegal, which could give me an excuse to go back to Galway, which is one of my, and everyone else’s favourite cities in Ireland.

Mexico City

I was supposed to go to Mexico City in April 2020, and obviously did not, and I still really want to go. My primary motivations are definitely food and seeing La Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo’s former home and current museum. I have loved her works since I was a kid, and I’ve always wanted to see her museum. I also love Diego Rivera (Frida’s lover) and Fernando Botero Angulo. Botero does these figures in this massive, tall and wide, and rounded shapes, and it was one of the first times I ever saw large bodies in art and I would love to see his famous works in person.

Image via: The Met

And the food, I just want to eat my way through the city.

Calgary Stampede

So this will seem weird, but it is faster to get to Alberta than it is to get to Ottawa or Toronto from where I live. And because of that, I really would like to go out to Alberta, and particularly, as a former Western rider, I have always, since I was a little kid, wanted to go to the Calgary Stampede. So while I live the closest I have ever lived, I would like to go to Calgary and I would especially like to go to the Stampede.

New York City

I went to New York in August 2018 and I am dying to go back, that was my first trip, and I did a lot of the touristy stuff, but I would really like to go back and do more of the other stuff that I have on my list, and spend a full day at the Met, rather than just the partial day that we had time for.

I also kind of think I want to go to New York for the outfit opportunities. I live somewhere where dressing up gets you weird looks, so I would love to go somewhere where anything I wear will be considered tame. Oh and definitely also for the food.

I also want to go in a different time of year, I underestimated how hot the city would be at the end of August, I didn’t think it could be worse than Tennessee. But I don’t know if it’s the buildings, or the lack of trees, but it was, in fact, worse.

So I don’t know of course, if I’ll be able to do all of these this year, I have a limited amount of vacation time and a limited amount of money. And I want to not have credit card debt, not have more credit card debt at the end of the year. So I’ll need to think about these and prioritize them, and see what COVID does of course, but I am really hoping I get to do at least one or two of these.


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