Saturday Scroll: 02/19/22

I am so looking forward to sleeping and not wearing masks for a couple days. I am going to park myself in that corner of the couch and only get up to flip laundry. My face still feels like there is an N95 pushing into the bridge of my nose and my ears have dents in them that haven’t gone away in the 3 hours since I took my mask off. The masks we had at the vet clinic must have been so much softer, because I do not remember it being like this in 2020.

It was really nice to get to pull this post together this week, it was fun to catch up on the internet this week!

There are a lot of really interesting think pieces at the moment about women’s figure skating, here and here.

Kim may have tried to break the internet, Zendaya’s 90s’ supermodel hair did that without trying.

Love this February mood board.

I also feel like we are in a pop culture moment for grifters, Inventing Anna (Anna Delvey), The Dropout (Elizabeth Holmes), and The Tinder Swindler, all coming to streaming, so this article about the effect of fashion on their cons and lives is fascinating and here.

Building a capsule wardrobe (and more capsule wardrobe inspo here).

I love this, so many people were hoping that the attention that Britney Spears’s conservatorship got would help other people in unfair or inappropriate conservatorships, and with an invite to speak to Congress, it may actually be.

Everything coming to Netflix in March.

I have been filling a cart at Kjaer Weis every few weeks and then exiting without buying, so this review is very useful to me.

Is the barrette back?

“I know now, whatever happens, I can build and re-build, even if no one comes.”

Meal prep breakfast ideas that I think I’m going to pull from for another week of travel next week.

Parisian home décor without the Parisian prices.

Long-distance friendship tips.

The quotes in this article make the speakers seem insufferable, but the deeper discussion in this article on the new state of hookup culture is very interesting.

I didn’t watch a stitch of YouTube this week, so I don’t have any videos to share! Have a great weekend!


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